Gyeonggi-do, Jinhae, Seoul, South Korea

South Korea: My Spring Love Affair


I’m writing this in time of the Pandemic, so i’m kinda’ emotional this past few days. No one is allowed to go out, we’ve been in lockdown for the past few months and it’s really devastating.

But nonetheless, we should not lose hope. Let’s treat this as any other problems and believe that this too shall pass.

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China, Macau

Macau: Travel To Europe in a Day

A visit to this bustling and colorful city in China is also a must for first time Hong Kong Travelers. When it’s true that you can visit this place in a day or as a side-trip, it’s ideal to spend at least 3 days here if you want to enjoy more.

My previous post about what to do in Macau is posted HERE . Make sure to visit their respective websites for the updated price details.

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China, Hong Kong

Hello Love, Hong Kong


As i’m writing this post, my country is experiencing an Enhanced-Community Quarantine (a sweet meaning of a Lockdown, meaning everyone in the country are not allowed to roam outside. Transportation and work are all suspended, except for all essential work such as medical, food etc) It’s so surreal and it’s like living inside a movie! And it’s all because of the Covid-19 Virus. The virus that affects thousands of people worldwide.

The whole world is suffering and praying for it to end. Travel ban was in effect and everyone is in low spirit. I myself was affected as i have some trips that i needed to cancel.

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Taiwan and My Pinkish Meteor Dream


Oh Baby Baby Baby… My Baby Baby … Fxi Fxi!

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Minalungao, Nueva Ecija

The Mystic Aura Of Minalungao

minalungao (2)

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me, And no one knows, how far it goes…

Minalungao National Park is the latest pop discovery of netizens online. Who would not be mesmerize by its crystal blue-green waters? The photos shared online are so inviting, that i decided to include this as a side-trip of our Baler Trip.

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Aurora, Baler

Baler: Behind The Raging Waves

IMG_5972Let the waves take you…

Baler is a municipality situated in Aurora province. This is known to many as the Surfing capital of Luzon. But aside from its raging waves, this municipality has a lot more to offer. From museums, parks, waterfalls etc, Baler got you covered!

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Japan, Japan Part 2

Life Is A Box Of Mochi (Japan Part 2)

While waiting for the last few episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 (yup, i’m screwed and hooked again for the nth time!) The Chinese version of Hana Yori Dango – Japanese Manga. I wanted to divert myself and finish the second half of our Japan Adventures 😍 .

So here it is!

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Chasing Snowflakes (Japan Part 1)


Moshi! Moshi! Been busy for quite a while… i have a lot of pending blog posts, pending asian dramas, pending self dramas… 😆 o well. .

Anyway, i’d like to present my overdue DIY – 9 Days Japan Itinerary. Some might be an alternative because let’s be realistic, you WILL not be able to visit everything. Hahaha.

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Kawaii Japan (Prelude: Before You Go)

I will not make my usual Wikipedia introduction of this country coz i bet you already knew something about this place. And yeah, i know it’s boring to read those “natgeo styled intros!” 😂

Anyway, Japan is one of the hardest itineraries i’ve ever made. Lots of interesting places to visit, each has its own character and “damn” this country has the craziest transport system in the entire planet. 😂

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Davao and The Eye of an Eagle

The High and Mighty Mt. Apo

Davao is Duterte and Duterte is Davao. This is the first thing in mind when someone mentions Davao. Well, this place isn’t all about that fierce President of the Philippines. Davao also stands out in terms of tourist attractions.

Davao City in particular is hail as the largest and safest city in the Philippines. Located in Davao del Sur, Mindanao. It is the home of Durian, Sweet Pomelo, houses the majestic Mt. Apo (the highest mountain peak in the Philippines) and the home of the endangered Philippine Eagle.

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