The Mystic Aura Of Minalungao

minalungao (2)

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me, And no one knows, how far it goes…

Minalungao National Park is the latest pop discovery of netizens online. Who would not be mesmerize by its crystal blue-green waters? The photos shared online are so inviting, that i decided to include this as a side-trip of our Baler Trip.

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Baler: Behind The Raging Waves

IMG_5972Let the waves take you…

Baler is a municipality situated in Aurora province. This is known to many as the Surfing capital of Luzon. But aside from its raging waves, this municipality has a lot more to offer. From museums, parks, waterfalls etc, Baler got you covered!

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Davao and The Eye of an Eagle


The High and Mighty Mt. Apo

Davao is Duterte and Duterte is Davao. This is the first thing in mind when someone mentions Davao. Well, this place isn’t all about that fierce President of the Philippines. Davao also stands out in terms of tourist attractions.

Davao City in particular is hail as the largest and safest city in the Philippines. Located in Davao del Sur, Mindanao. It is the home of Durian, Sweet Pomelo, houses the majestic Mt. Apo (the highest mountain peak in the Philippines) and the home of the endangered Philippine Eagle.

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Boracay island is situated in the province of Aklan, Visayas region of the Philippines. This island is widely popular because of its powdery white sand beaches. The island is consists of

1. White beach (station 1 has the best sand and a bit quiet, Station 2 is the party place, lots of stalls and shops and Station 3 is also quiet and the sand is a bit rough)

2. Bulabog beach is where the kite surfers go, as well as the other activities such as parasailing, helmet diving etc.

3. Puka beach is at the northern part of the island, it’s the secluded part of Boracay and the home of Puka Shells.

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