Bali: Romantic and Mysterious


Bali is an island located near East Java in Indonesia. Unlike most of the country which is predominantly Muslims (or Moslems), this province is mostly Hindus.

Bali is a famous honeymoon destination because of its pristine beaches, diverse culture, numerous high-end resorts and that undeniable BALI charm.

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Indonesia in 7 Days



This is my Complete ala Amazing race Itinerary for 7 Days Bali – Yogyakarta – Bandung – Jakarta Trip. I will write separate post each plus all our expenses.

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Guimaras: The best Mangoes in the World


Guimaras is a small island located 15 mins. off Iloilo City. It is formerly known as Himal-us, and was a sub-province of Iloilo until it was made an independent province in 1992. This province is famous because of their insanely sweet Mangoes.

This is not part of our itinerary but since its proximity to Iloilo, we made a point to dropped-by for a day tour.

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Iloilo: Into the Giant’s Arms


Iloilo is probably one of those underrated provinces, it’s not even in my bucket list. I have less knowledge of the place, well except for my boss whose from here. And aside from La Paz Batchoy (i thought La Paz is in quezon btw… hahaha… moron), the area is an unknown tourist destination. Little did i know that they have this secret paradise, yeah seems like the Philippines has many hidden secrets. hahah!
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Negros Occidental and The City of Smiles


This post is long overdue! Been into some stress lately and had some health issues aswell. Anyway, here’s the 1st part of my 2015 2nd quarter adventures.

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A Taste of Vietnam and Cambodia


I’m always a fan of great architectures and as adventurous as i am, i suddenly became so ecstatic that finally i can be a Tomb Raider for once. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Planning occurs when i’m browsing the Cebu Pacific Website and thinking where to travel next. Then i saw Vietnam and realized that yeah, i haven’t gone to that part of Asia yet. And luckily, it’s seat sale time, so i talked to my companion if he wanted to go with me and upon saying yes, i immediately booked a round trip tickets to Ho Chih Min City, Vietnam.

My first plan is to cover HCM city only, then through browsing some blogs and forums, i decided to include Cambodia, Siem Reap in particular. A neighboring country of Vietnam. The mystic aura of Siem Reap temples is the one that triggers me to redo our itinerary. Another plus factor might be for the fact that it was also Tomb Raider’s filming location. At least i’ll get to step on the land in which Angelina Jolie once step upon. :mrgreen:

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South Korea in Autumn


Here are the Links of My South Korea Adventure

South Korea Visa Guide (For Filipinos)

South Korea: Day 1  Arrival, Fountains and My Girl

South Korea: Day 2 Seoul City Tour

South Korea: Day 3 Gangwon-do Province and Winter Sonata

South Korea: Day 4 Gangnam

South Korea: Day 5 Everland Gyeonggi-do Province

South Korea: Day 6 Mt. Seoraksan

South Korea: Day 7  DMZ Tour (One Way To North Korea)

South Korea: Day 8 Korean Folk Village and Shopping

South Korea: Day 9 Full House