Gyeonggi-do, Jinhae, Seoul, South Korea

South Korea: My Spring Love Affair


I’m writing this in time of the Pandemic, so i’m kinda’ emotional this past few days. No one is allowed to go out, we’ve been in lockdown for the past few months and it’s really devastating.

But nonetheless, we should not lose hope. Let’s treat this as any other problems and believe that this too shall pass.

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South Korea

South Korea in Autumn


Here are the Links of My South Korea Adventure

South Korea Visa Guide (For Filipinos)

South Korea: Day 1  Arrival, Fountains and My Girl

South Korea: Day 2 Seoul City Tour

South Korea: Day 3 Gangwon-do Province and Winter Sonata

South Korea: Day 4 Gangnam

South Korea: Day 5 Everland Gyeonggi-do Province

South Korea: Day 6 Mt. Seoraksan

South Korea: Day 7  DMZ Tour (One Way To North Korea)

South Korea: Day 8 Korean Folk Village and Shopping

South Korea: Day 9 Full House

South Korea

South Korea: Day 5 Everland Gyeonggi-do province


DAY 5 (Everland)

The biggest theme park in South Korea. Probably 2x larger than Hong Kong Disneyland. Located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do province. It’s composed of 5 themes, the Global Fair, it’s an international market full of interesting shopping goods. The American Adventure, The Magic Land, European Adventure and Zoo-topia.

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South Korea

South Korea: Day 4 Gangnam


DAY 4 (Lotte World, COEX Mall & Aquarium, Gangnam)

  • Look-out: Full House ice skating rink, Kim Sam Soon Aquarium, Korean Drama Actors Museum & Stairway To Heaven’s Carousel at Lotte World

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South Korea

South Korea: Day 3 Gangwon-do Province & Winter Sonata


DAY 3 (Namiseon Island & Chuncheon, Gangwon-do province)

  • Look-out: Winter Sonata’s filming locations

This place is the main reason why South Korea marked my bucket list. O yes, i’m a big fan of Winter Sonata, a drama series from South Korea. It was characterized by Bae Yoon Jun as Jun Sang and Choi Ji Woo as Eu Jin. The series tells a story of young individuals finding their first love in a bizaare situation. Nami Island has been the love sanctuary of the main characters. Shot entirely during autumn and winter season. It features the most romantic settings ever.

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South Korea

South Korea: Day 2 Seoul City Tour


DAY 2 (Seoul City Bus Tour (Palaces / War Museum / Mt. Namsan Tour / N Seoul Tower etc.) / Dongdaemun)

  • Look-out : Jewel in the palace, Untold Scandal, Boys Over Flowers filming locations, Lovers in Paris fountain in front of Namsan Botanical Garden near Hyatt Hotel

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