China, Macau

Macau: Travel To Europe in a Day

A visit to this bustling and colorful city in China is also a must for first time Hong Kong Travelers. When it’s true that you can visit this place in a day or as a side-trip, it’s ideal to spend at least 3 days here if you want to enjoy more.

My previous post about what to do in Macau is posted HERE . Make sure to visit their respective websites for the updated price details.

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Macau “The City of Dreams”

I’m always fascinated at this little city of China. Amidst the glitz and glamour,  this place can be your source of authentic Chinese culture.

This was once occupied by Portuguese that’s why there are numerous remnants of Portuguese colony. From churches, streets, building and facades.

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Hong Kong – Macau Itinerary (5 Days – 4 Nights)

This is the copy of my complete Hong Kong – Macau itinerary. Inclusive of the accommodation, rates, food allowance, ticket and fare prices. All are subject to change, so kindly refer to my post on Hong Kong Guide and visit their respective websites.

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