China, Hong Kong

Hello Love, Hong Kong


As i’m writing this post, my country is experiencing an Enhanced-Community Quarantine (a sweet meaning of a Lockdown, meaning everyone in the country are not allowed to roam outside. Transportation and work are all suspended, except for all essential work such as medical, food etc) It’s so surreal and it’s like living inside a movie! And it’s all because of the Covid-19 Virus. The virus that affects thousands of people worldwide.

The whole world is suffering and praying for it to end. Travel ban was in effect and everyone is in low spirit. I myself was affected as i have some trips that i needed to cancel.

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China, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Guide

Hong Kong has always been one of my favorite places to visit. Everything about this city never ceases to amazed me. From the grand buildings, skyscrapers, parks & nature, amusements & non-stop Shopping! Continue reading “Hong Kong Guide”

China, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Itinerary (4 Days – 3 Nights)

This is the copy of my complete Hong Kong itinerary. Inclusive of the accommodation rates, food allowance, ticket and fare prices. All are subject to change, so kindly refer to my post on Hong Kong Guide and visit their respective websites.

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