10 Things about Me:

10. I love adventures, has sense of direction and sees life in its infinite possibilities.

9. I blog during my spare time.

8. I’m not a good writer, having problems with my grammar… so spare my life … anyway, it’s the thought that counts. :mrgreen:

7. I’m an impulsive shopper. Shopping is my stress-reliever. 👜👗👠👒

6. I love DIY trips, it gives me the sense of fullfillment. I believe that the research that goes with the trip will make it more memorable. Travelling is not only for pictures, embracing the culture and getting lost is what makes travelling worthy and fun.

5. I’m collecting ref magnets, t-shirt and 1 souvenir everytime i travel.

4. I have a mini PARIS community in my bedroom starring Barbie and Ken! 😂:)🗼

3. I love National Geographic channel! 😆

2. My ultimate Dream is to travel to Salzburg, Paris and Batanes (i won’t visit this place not until i’m marrying – Epic Fail! i visit before i did! huhubels)

1. I’m proud to say that i funded all my travels. I work hard and save money to create memories… Not to live with the Memories from someone else’s pocket.


My name is Louise… Fun, bubbly, procastinator (slightly 😁) and lunatic.

A budget traveller but travels in style. 🙌🙅🙇👠👝👜👗👒💄🎽👖

I’m the Real NoWhere Witch Princess 👸

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