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Hello Love, Hong Kong


As i’m writing this post, my country is experiencing an Enhanced-Community Quarantine (a sweet meaning of a Lockdown, meaning everyone in the country are not allowed to roam outside. Transportation and work are all suspended, except for all essential work such as medical, food etc) It’s so surreal and it’s like living inside a movie! And it’s all because of the Covid-19 Virus. The virus that affects thousands of people worldwide.

The whole world is suffering and praying for it to end. Travel ban was in effect and everyone is in low spirit. I myself was affected as i have some trips that i needed to cancel.

And one of those trip is mine “and my friends” April HK trip… sad….

So let me “just” relieve my older trips as I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong before this Pandemic began.

And like what i’ve mentioned way back, HK is one of my favorite places to visit.

Why? simply because you’ll never run out of interesting things to do. And it’s always been fun roaming around the busy streets of Hong Kong day and night!

This itinerary is for frequent HK visitors, coz it doesn’t cover much of the “must see” places, instead this is for the phrase.. “well, you haven’t seen it all”. šŸ˜‚ So if it’s your first time in HK, please refer to my previous Hong Kong postsĀ HERE . We had a side trip in Macau as well, that one will be included in a separate post.

This itinerary is a “window” shopping guide as well as the “Artsy” side of Hong Kong.


A Day in Mongkok

If there’s one place with lots of Hole in Wall stores, then this place is the bomb! It’s famous for it’s theme shopping streets, and its available from day till night.

a. Toys – If you are looking for a place with lots of toys, then head on to Sino Centre. Located at Nathan Road, 2 to 3 mins. walk from Dundas Street. This 4-storey building have lots of Toys, Gadgets, Anime, Comics etc. It’s a hobbyist haven! Most shops are open at around 12 pm onwards and closes till 10 pm.

b. Shoes – Mongkok is a shoe paradise, every corner have shoe stores. But the most famous is ofcourse the “Sneaker Street” or Fa Yuen Street.

c. Clothing – Fashion is inevitable in Hongkong. A lot of fashion finds in any direction, whether you’re looking for bargains or high-end clothes, then Mongkok is your Haven.

c.1 Ladies Market – Located at Tung Choi Street. For cheap goods, souvenirs etc. Open from 11-12pm till Midnight.

c.2 Street-Wear High End Clothes – If you’re looking for street wear branded clothes like Supreme Etc, or even sneakers then there’s one secret place that sells them at a fraction of its original price. This is where Vice Ganda shops for his street wear outfit (i found about it because, he shares this in one of his vlog entries). He didn’t specify the location tho’ but “i happens” to know the place even before he shared it.

Location: Near the intersection of Nathan Road and Dundas Street. If coming from Sino Centre walk for 1 min, then turn left, there’s a fashion mall on your left side. Go inside and head towards the basement.

Instagramable Side of HK


Aside from Victoria Harbour, Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Giant Buddha and Disneyland. There’s this one place that can level up your instagram feed and do you know the good thing about it, well its FREE! “Yey”

This place is located in Central, where the Art hub of Hongkong is located. This place is also the shooting location of the highest grossing Filipino film of all time, Hello Love, Goodbye. (FYI: i went here even before the movie was released and is lucky enough that i had a pic taken in the area where they shot one of the main “scenes”).

Remember these?

“Central, Hong Kong Itinerary”

Began your trip by riding the MTR and alight at Sheung Wan Station Exit A2.


Then walk straight until you reach Queen’s Road. Turn left. You can either walk straight until you reach the MID-LEVEL Escalator. This the longest escalator to date.

Or either you can turn right to Aberdeen Street, to see the famous LAN KWAI FONG. This area is famous for quirky cafes and cool bars.

After you finished your cup of coffee, just go straight until you reach Hollywood Road. Walking to this street will give you an old Hong Kong Feels, lots of hole in the Wall Shops. Graham Street is actually in the middle of Hollywood Road. Graham Street or Graham Art Street is the arty side of Hong Kong, the home of street murals. So every corner will definitely cram your Instagram Feeds.

After that quirky and fashionable photos, you can head on to Man Mo Temple simply walk for 5 mins taking the hollywood road street. Have your pic taken first to the famous stairs (ladder st) where BTS once roamed around then head on to the temple.

“Causeway Bay”

Another favorite shopping area of mine is ofcourse, Causeway Bay. During my last 3 trips, i always stay here. It’s glamorous and the area is enough to accompany you from morning till night. So if you want to spend your millions to shop, then stay here for 3 days!

Location: Take MTR to Causeway Bay Station (any exit will do!)

“Temple Street Night Market”


If you still isn’t tired of shopping and walking, thenĀ  you may head on to temple street night market. This is quite similar to ladies market. Lots of street vendors selling fashion items, souvenirs, etc.

Location: Take MTR to Jordan Station Exit A

Our trip is a walking trip, so we don’t have a proper itinerary this time. We skip the usual tourist spots like amusement parks or high rise buildings as we wanted to experience a day in a life of a local. So we are easy this time, well i don’t recommend doing this trip if you’re a first time traveler.

As you’ve notice how our life is uneasy as of this writing. So try to have a distinct itinerary if your goal is to visit Hong Kong. Savor each day and go as many places as you can. As you see, you’ll never know what tomorrow will bring.

I had a planned trip here this summer which unfortunately was halter by the Covid-19 scare. It’s devastating but i’m praying that this catastrophe will end in a snap. And if given a chance again, my heart will still go to where the happiest place on earth is. So embrace me back in the future my beautiful Hong Kong.


And do me a favor please “Stay Home to Save Lives”

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