Taiwan and My Pinkish Meteor Dream


Oh Baby Baby Baby… My Baby Baby … Fxi Fxi!


Yes! Early 2000 is my Boyband Era, where Westlife, Nsync, Backstreet Boys are on the run. But when the summer of 2004 came, four handsome young boys suddenly graced my TV screen and hit not only me but the entire Asia by storm! They were called F4 of the phenomenal Asian drama Meteor Garden.

Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese series based on a Japanese shojo Manga “Boys over Flowers” created by Yoko Kamio. This is the first live TV adaptation of the manga.

Synopsis from Wikipedia:

The story centers around a poor teenage girl Dong Shān Cài (Barbie Shu), who at the insistence of her parents goes to a university for rich people. The university is dominated by Dào Míng Sì (Jerry Yan), Huā Zé Lèi (Vic Zhou), Měi Zuò (Vanness Wu) and Xī Mén (Ken Chu)—four rich, handsome but arrogant students collectively known as the ‘F4’, short for ‘Flower 4’. They are heirs to four rich and influential families in Taiwan. They terrorize the school by handing out red cards to those they do not like, which allows other students to bully the victims until they leave the school.

After one of Shān Cài’s friends receives the wrath of the F4’s leader, Dào Míng Sì, she stands up to and berates him, which in turn results in a red card of her own. Shān Cài hates the arrogant and rude Dào Míng Sì. Her persistence in standing up for what is right gradually gains the F4’s respect and Dào Míng Sì starts to fall for her. Shān Cài is attracted to the silent Huā Zé Lèi in the beginning. But Dào Míng Sì’s constant yet annoying efforts has her question her feelings for both Huā Zé Lèi and Dào Míng Sì.

Later in the series, Dào Míng Sì’s mother comes to Taiwan. She instantly dislikes Shān Cài because of her poor background. Both Dào Míng Sì and Shān Cài face hurdles his mother throws their way to separate them. Though Shān Cài does not profess her love for him yet, Dào Míng Sì remains determined. The series show the journey of Dào Míng Sì and Shān Cài’s feelings for one another.

This Series became the pioneer of Asian dramas here in the Philippines. So without F4 and their effect in my country, how will my love Ji Chang Wook and i meet? Hahahahah

Since then i decided that one day, my inner Shan Cai will be a reality! ❤️

This trip ticked 2 in my bucket list:

1. Experience Cherry Blossoms

2. Step my feet at the famous Ying De University.


Planning Your Trip:

As of this writing, Filipinos who want to visit Taiwan does not need a visa to enter. The Visa-free scheme is extended until July 31, 2019.

Taiwan is located at the northern part of Batanes. Less than 2 hrs away from Manila. Several budget airlines like Cebu Pacific, Air Asia flies to Taoyuan International Airport.


Sakura / Cherry Blossoms Experience

When people think of Cherry Blossoms in Asia, only 3 options always came in, Japan, South Korea and Northern China. These three were arguing about the origin of these beautiful flowers. Most people believe that its in Japan (it’s their National flower BTW) but researchers says that its in Jeju Island South Korea tho’ “a few” historians claim that its in China aswell! hahaha Anyway, lets leave them to that.

Unknown to many is that, you don’t need to travel that far to see the majestic aura of the Sakura blooms. Believe it or not Taiwan got them and this little paradise is only 2 hrs straight from Manila.

Side Story: My intense fascination with flowers led me in discovering that Taiwan also has Cherry Blossom Season. I think i was wandering around Instagram when i suddenly stumbled at one instagrammer whose post was really eye catching. She was sitting on a piano in the middle of a Lavender Field! It was so beautiful that i did my research of that place the moment i saw it. (This place is also part of my itinerary BTW). From there, several info pop-out and the rest is history.

The most crucial way of catching these gorgeous and seasonal flowers is timing. The flowers full bloom only last for 1 week. After that they will start to wither and fall. Their blooming season depends on the longevity of Winter. The longer the Cold weather is, the slower the blooming season will be.

Well after my sakura experience and researches, here’s my “approximate” time frame for the blossoms for your info:

Jan (2nd Week) – Start of the first bloom in Northern Taiwan (including Taipei)

Jan (3rd Week – 1st Week of Feb) – Full Bloom in Northern Taiwan

Feb (2nd to 3rd Week) – Full Bloom in Most Central Part of Taiwan (including Taichung and Chiayi County)

March (1st probably up to 2nd Week) – Last Bloom in most part of Taiwan

Yep you read it right, Sakura blooms early in Taiwan since their winter is only short-lived. So manage your calendar.



Taiwan’s Transportation Guide:

There are a lot of transportation mode to Taiwan but the most efficient way of commuting this beautiful place is by using their railway system and their buses.

Train System:

There are two train system in whole Taiwan, THSR and TRA that runs from North Taiwan (North Coast, Taipei) to South Taiwan (Kaohsiung)

THSR or HSR – Taiwan High Speed Rail. This is similar to Japan’s Shinkansen or Bullet Train. This is faster, modern, efficient but costly.


TRA – Taiwan Railways Administration. It has 2 types of service the Express Trains and the Ordinary. The Express Train skips some stations, better looking than the ordinary trains and a bit more expensive. The Common Train or the ordinary train stays true to its name, its Ordinary. The ambiance is similar to Philippines LRT or MRT but a bit longer. The journey is slow as the route is longer coz it stops to all TRA stations.



Taipei Metro – Specially made if your travelling to Taipei.


Chasing Sakura Blooms and Dao Ming Sz


This is my complete DIY Taiwan Itinerary. I did covered some MUST attractions if your goal is to chase cherry blossoms. So this itinerary is quite tiring but doable.

WARNING: To my friends who plan to go on a vacation with me, be ready… because i’m not the type of person who will tolerate lazy people especially if i haven’t been to that place coz yah know I hate regrets! I love doing DIY itinerary and I love executing them in full force! hahahah… So if I say we wake up by 5 am and must be ready by 7 am, I mean that and I will enforce that! 😂

This Itinerary was revised many times up to the last minute. My final draft was done after Cebu pacific altered our flight schedule, I badly needed to revise our daily activities to maximize our schedule (the benefit of doing your homework). So while waiting for our delayed flight, I made my final touches to our Itinerary.


DAY 0: This is our original flight but due to mechanical errors, our flight was delayed for 7 hours!


11:40 PM: Departure at NAIA Terminal 3 via Cebu Pacific Air

DAY 1:


2:05 AM: Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1

NOTE: *The time presented here were correlated with the time provided by the Taiwan Railway System Website. So please take time to visit the websites I’ve mentioned above to maximized your schedule and to avoid time delays.

Day 1: Due To Flight Delay

7:55 AM: Arrival

8:30 AM: Get Pocket Wifi at Unite Traveler Service Counter (this is located at the far right side after getting out of the luggage counters). I booked this thru Klook prior.

*Get Money from ATM / Exchange Dollars

*Buy Easy Card – You can buy one at convenience store. There’s one near the bus terminal (located at the ground level of the Arrival Hall)

*9:00 AM: Shuttle Bus 705 to Taoyuan Station HSR – NT$ 30 (to locate the Bus Terminal, just follow the signboards. But it is located at the ground level of the Arrival Hall)

*9:30 AM: ETA

*9:43 AM: ETD to Taichung HSR Station – NT$ 540

*10:23 AM: ETA

Transfer to Xinwuri TRA – follow the signs as you transfer (walk for 5 mins)

*10:36 AM: Xinwuri TRA Station to Taichung TRA Station (10 mins) – NT$ 15


*10:46 AM: ETA

Leave luggages at the accommodation lockers

12:00 PM – Lunch at Mc Donald’s Taroko Mall


Take TRA train Taichung TRA Station to Tai’an Station (travel time is 30 to 40 mins) – NT$ 34


1:00 PM – TAI’AN Police Station – After exiting the station, walk for 5 mins then turn left. Cherry Blossoms viewing in Tai’an is about 20 to 30 mins walking distance.

We’re there in time for the Tai’an Cherry Blossom festival. We weren’t aware of that. We only knew when we got out of the train as there are flocks of people going to the direction I’ve mentioned above. Outside you will see a big sign board of the festival. We’re so curious because tons of people are heading to the left side of the road. It was as if the apocalypse is coming! 😂 We then followed the crowd out of curiosity. After 20-30 mins of looooooong walk, braving the huge crowd we arrived at the venue.

There are 2 spots for viewing, outside of the police station and one secret spot hidden by the kiosks which were lining the entire street.

At the entrance of the venue, you will be greeted by an array of dark pink Cherry Trees. But a secret will unfolds when you walk a bit more. At the right side of the street lies a hidden sanctuary for cherry blossoms. It was hidden by the street vendors from the crowd since there’s a small admission fee to enter. (The admission is you need to buy a bottle of water, then they will let you in! hahaha) Once inside, you will be greeted by a gorgeous pastel pink Sakura trees in full bloom! Its a feast in the eye and really mesmerizing! 😍

ZHONGSHE FLOWER FARM – Remember the Instagram feed that made me believe that Taiwan DO have Sakura? Her gorgeous Lavender Field photo was taken here!

  • How to get here: From the train station walk up to the intersection of Anmei Rd. and Fu’an Rd and turn to your right and walk along Anmei Rd. You will reach the intersection of Sanfeng Rd. and Anmei Rd. Cross Sanfeng Rd. and then turn right. The Zhongshe flower farm is just a few meters away. Or Take the shuttle bus 6606.

Entrance: NT$ 150 / with Buffet Lunch : NT$ 320

After dealing with the crowd, we decided to follow our original plan, to see Zhongshe Flower Farm. It was 4:00 pm when we got out of the place, so we were really in a hurry as we only have less than 2 hrs to enjoy the venue. From Tai’an Police station, its about 45 mins walk to the farm. We can opt to hail a cab but since we’re running out of time and there’s no cab in sight, waiting forever is out of the question. So we made our way to the farm and made it before 5 pm.

Scenic View While Walking…

Zhong She Flower Farm is a large garden full of different species of flowers. From tulips, roses, azaleas, sunflowers and a lot more. But the highlight of this trip is the breathtaking view of Lavender Fields! It was made even more beautiful by the presence of artificial Piano in the middle. The whole experience is so beautiful and really unforgettable.

* Tai’an Station TRA to Taichung TRA Station – NT$ 34


Hotel Check-in Zack’s Space – No. 1 Sec 1 Shuangshi Road Central District, Taichung


Location: 😊😊😊😊

Located around 10 mins from Taichung TRA Station. Close to almost everything, restaurants, malls, etc. It’s about 2 mins away from Sun Moon Lake bus terminal and 5 mins walk to Taichung Bus Terminal.

Cleanliness: 😊😊😊😊

Pleasant and clean. I can’t say any complaints about the place.

Over-All: 😊😊😊😊😊

Zack’s Space is a good value for money. The place is modern and clean, tho’ located in a run-down building, the whole experience will be worth it once you step inside. The room is spacious with large windows. The bathroom, suprisingly has bathtub, the bed is large and comfortable. They even have lockers outside the rooms! The owners were helpful and kind. I would definitely stay here again if i come back to Taichung!


Other Options: Feng Jia Night Market – Take TC bus route 25, 35 from Taichung TRA alight at Fengjia University – NT$ 50

8:00 PM: Dinner: NT$ 280



DAY 2: Sun Moon Lake / Formosan Aborigin Culture Village

5:00 AM: Call Time

Breakfast : NT$ 280

*7:45 AM: Take Nantou Bus to Sun Moon Lake

  • Bus PASS NT$ 1100 (with roundtrip bus tickets & Formosan Aborigin Pass)

9:25 AM: ETA at Formosan Aborigin Culture Village

The Formosan Aborigin Culture Village is a theme park located in Nantou County adjacent to Sun Moon Lake. Tho’ they have limited rides, the highlight of the place is the European Village and ofcourse the “Cherry Blossom Pathway” which houses hundreds of Cherry Trees. As a first timer, this experience is so overwhelming and the view is spectacular. Tho’ we went at the last stages of the blossoms, still it felt wonderful.

The Cherry Blossoms Pathway…

1:00 PM: Sun Moon Lake Ropeway – NT$ 200

As you enter the parking area of Sun Moon Lake, you will be greeted by a large number of Cherry Blossoms! It’s so surreal that i’m actually wishing that our parking lot here in Manila to be as beautiful as that of the Sun Moon Lake parking lot!

Lunch – NT$ 280

  • Take Shuttle bus to Shui She Visitors Center – NT$ 30 (the bus stop is located at the opposite side of the road as you exit the parking lot)
  • Rent Bicycle – NT$ 200 (per hour)
  • Explore Sun Moon Lake by Bike

Bicycle Route: Take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (Nantou Bus) to the Shuishe Visitor Center → Rent bicycle → Shuishe Dam → Xiangshang Bikeway → Xiangshang Visitor Center → Yue Tan Bikeway → Toushe Community → Toushe Basin → Toushe Reservoir → Longfeng Temple → Shuishe

I really enjoyed biking around Sun Moon Lake. The view is breathtaking and refreshing. I love every second of it!

*5:10 PM: ETD from Sun Moon Lake to Taichung

*7:10 PM: ETA to Taichung Gancheng Bus Station

  • Dinner at Chun Shui Tang Tea House – No 30, Siwei Street, West District, Taichung City – NT$ 280

Chun Shui Tang Tea House gave birth to the first bubble Milk Tea. The owner is believed to have invented it. So if you’re a milk tea fanatic, do not leave Taichung without going to its birth place! And yep, this is the best tasting Milk Tea that I’ve ever tried.

The restaurant in Taichung is also the first and the original branch of Chun Shui Tang.

  • Taichung at Night


DAY 3: Chiayi County

5:00 AM: Call Time / Check-out

  • Breakfast: NT$ 280

*6:03 AM: TRA from Taichung Station to Chiayi Station TRA – NT$ 320

*7:52 AM: ETA

Put Luggages at the Baggage Counter – NT$ 70

NOTES: If you alight at Chiayi HSR Station

1. Bus from Chiayi HSR Station or Chiayi Train Station

a. From Chiayi HSR Station, take BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) near Exit 2 to Chiayi Rear Train Station. BRT runs every 20 minutes from 06:00 to 23:40 and the ticket price is NT$40.

b. The BRT stop for Chiayi Rear Train Station is located at Bo-Ai Rd near Chung-Shing Rd intersection, after getting off the BRT, go across Bo-Ai Rd then take Chung-Shing Rd towards the train station.When approaching the train station, turn right and take the overpass across the railway instead of entering the station.

c. The Chiayi County Bus Station will be right in front ahead after getting off the overpass. For those arriving by Taiwan Railway trains, the Bus Station is visible in the front-right direction when exiting Chiayi Train Station. Board Bus #38 to Alishan which runs daily at 6:10, 8:10, 10:10, 12:10 and 14:10 and the ticket price is NT$204)

Bus Schedule: *8:10 / 8:35 / 10:10 / *11:10 /*12:10 AM: Neon Green Bus from Chiayi to Alishan (2 hrs) – NT$ 230

*11:10 AM: ETA

  • Explore
  • Entrance: NT$ 150

Trails: Forest Recreation Area — Sisters Pond, Three Generation Tree, Shouzhen Temple, Tseyun Temple, 3,000 year-old sacred Cypress tree, Jhushan observation deck to view sunrise and sunset – Yushan, Sea of clouds (depending on season and weather), Botanical Garden, Tsou tribe aborigine village, view cherry blossoms (Jan to mid April) — Alishan Police Station, Alishan Guest House and Alishan Work Station are considered best spots.

Alishan is a huge Mountain Park, you need to have at least 2 days to cover everything. We only made it to the old Train Terminal and the 3 generation Tree. I really wanted to explore the other sites of Alishan but if i do that, we will not make it to National Chun Cheng University. Tho’ we traveled so far just to get to Alishan, i really need to make a decision at that moment. If i choose to stay, we need to sacrifice NCCU coz of our tight itinerary and we really need to go to Taipei in the night. I know deep in my heart, that i just can’t do that! (you’ll know why…)

So i decided to moved on and go to National Chun Cheng University despite all odds. And promise myself to return to Alishan again someday.

*12:40 PM: ETD Bus Alishan to Chiayi Bus Station – NT$ 230

3:10 PM: ETA

*4:00 PM: Take Taiwan Tour Bus 106 to NCCU (Bus sched From Chiayi Station: 8am/10am/1pm/3pm) or

Take Bus 7309 – NT$ 154

  • The bus stop is located at the opposite side of the road. Upon exiting Chiayi TRA station, walk straight and cross the road, the bus stop is on your right.

Alternate Route:

From Chiayi HSR: Take exit 2, then get on the Free Shuttle bus to Chiayi TRA, bus station is 2 minutes away

Take TRA Train Chiayi Station to Minxiong Station (10 mins) – NT$ 18

Take the exit at the left and take Taxi to National Chun Cheng University (10 mins) – NT$ 300

The Reality of My Meteor Dream ❤️

So why NCCU? It’s because going to National Chun Cheng University belongs in my Bucket List and NCCU is the YING DE UNIVERSITY of Meteor Garden! ❤️

My Meteor Story: Back in 2004, i was so obsessed with Meteor Garden and F4! i have tons of Meteor Garden collectibles and memorabilia such as pictures, posters, notebooks, fans, cups, plates, ball pens, dvds – original and pirated, CDs, stickers, even cans of Pepsi with F4 faces! I’ve attended all of their concerts in Manila, as in ALL, even the Bench Event of Jerry Yan. hahahah. I’ve made a lot of friends online because of Meteor Garden and attended several get together. So Yup, i’m an obsess Psycho! Hahaha…

It’s part of growing up people! Come on! 😬😬😬

4:38 AM: Explore National Chun Cheng University (Ying De University)

  • See tranquility Bridge and Fountain – As you enter the campus, there’s a building to your left near the bus stop. Enter that building to reach the bridge. The building itself will leave you nostalgic as the facade, the railings even the stairs have Meteor Garden feels in it.
  • Shancai Locker is in the NCCU Library lower ground This is located at the right side of the road if you followed the Tranquility Bridge pathway. The building is color red so you won’t miss it. Shan Cai’s Locker is no. 150! So don’t leave without having a pic of this iconic locker!
  • Central Fountain can be found across the Library


  • Rooftop Scene is in the Administration Building, in front of the Library
  • Tranquility Lake can be found before entering NCCU.

*6:00 PM / 6:12 PM – Take Taiwan Tour Bus 106 from NCCU or Take Bus 7309 to Chiayi TRA Station – NT$ 154

Dinner: NT$ 280

Chiayi at Night

Take Luggages

Take BRT Shuttle Bus from Chiayi TRA to Chiayi HSR (if available)

ALTERNATE ROUTE via HSR: *Shuttle Bus 7212 Chiayi TRA Station to Chiayi HSR Station – Free (until 6 PM only)

7:40 PM: ETA

9:00 PM: Chiayi HSR to Taipei Station HSR Exit M8- NT$ 1080

Check in at Vanilla Garden – Zhongzheng District, Taipei City (you can booked via AIRBNB by following my link at KRUNG and get 1600 php off your booking 😊)


Location: 😊😊😊😊

Located around 5 mins from Taipei Main Station Terminal. 2 Minutes from Taipei Main Bus Terminal and 15 mins to Ximending Night Market. In the middle of shopping district, lots of restaurant outside the building.

Cleanliness: 😊😊😊😊

The unit tho’ a bit old is well-maintained. Everything is functional.

Over-All: 😊😊😊😊

It’s a Value for money and staying near Taipei Main Terminal will give you an instant access to buses, THSR, to TRA and to Airport Rail. Close to almost everything.

Taipei Main Station

10:00 PM: Ximending Market – We walk our way here since its quite near from our accomodation

  • Munch Around
  • Explore Taipei Main Station


DAY 4: Taipei

6:00 AM: Breakfast: NT$ 280 (We actually spend lesser than this, i just place it here for approximation)

7:00 AM: Yangmingshan National Park ETD

  • From Taipei Main Station, take bus 260. Bus stop is in front of North 2 exit or exit Y6 – Bus ride duration : 1 hour – NT$ 15

Once you alight at Yangmingshan bus terminal, look for the bus 125 with the “Flower Clock” sign. It is roughly 10 minutes bus ride – NT$ 15

  • Take MRT to Jiantan MRT Station Exit 1 and transfer bus route 260/red 5 to Yangmingshan National Park
  • Take MRT Shipai Station, then board Bus 128 to Yangmingsan Flower Clock
  • Take MRT Beitou Station, board bus 129 to Yangmingsan Flower Clock

8:00 AM: ETA

Yangmingshan National Park Entrance: Free

Lunch: NT$ 280 (hahahahahahahaha)


11:00 PM: Take Bus 129 from Flower Clock to Beitou MRT (Red Line) (35 mins) – NT$ 15

12:00 PM: Wuji Tianyuan Temple

  • Take Metro Train Beitou Station to Tamsui Station (Red Line) – NT$ 30

12:20 AM: ETA

  • Take bus #866, #875, #876, #877, #893 – NT$ 15

2:00 AM: ETD to Tamsui Station

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall 9am-6pm via Tamsui Station to Chiang kai shek MRT station (Red Line), exit 5 – NT$ 50


4:00 PM: LongShan Temple

  • Take Songshan-Xindian Line (to Songshan) from Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Station => Ximen Station => Transfer to Bannan Line Blue Line (to Far Eastern Hospital/ to Dingpu) => Longshan Temple Station – NT$ 20

5:00 PM: Taipei 101 M-S, 9am-10pm

  • Longshan Station (Blue Line) to Taipei 101 World Trade Center MRT station (Red Line), exit 4 – NT$ 20

(Take Bannan Line (to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center) from Longshan Temple Station => Taipei Main Station => Transfer to Tamsui-Xinyi Line (to Xiangshan) => Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station)

Entrance: NT$ 600

Taipei 101 was once the tallest building in the world. Now this architectural masterpiece is the staple monument of Taiwan. Please do not leave Taiwan without a glimpse!

Dinner: NT$ 280

6:30 PM: Shilin Night Market

Taipei 101 World Trade Center MRT station (Red Line) to Jiantan MRT station. Take exit 1 and follow WenLin Road – NT$ 30

10:00 PM: Jiantan MRT to Taipei Main Station Exit M8 – NT$ 20 (sign off)


DAY 5: Yehliu Geopark / Jiufen Old Streets / Shifen / Pingxi Sky Lantern Tour

6:00 AM: Breakfast: NT$ 280

7:00 AM: Start Journey

● Leave Luggages and Check Out

7:30 AM: Take Kuo-Kuang Bus 1815 at the Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A to Yehliu Geopark (90 mins travel time) – NT$ 96 (east gate 3)

  • Walk for 10 mins to the park (follow the crab walk) – NT$ 80 (entrance)

9:00 AM: ETA

11:00 AM: At the opposite side of the road near a convenience store take Keelung Bus 862, 790, 1022 to Keelung Station – NT$ 50

11:40 PM: ETA

12:00 PM: Keelung Bus 788 (or any bus with Jinguashih sign) to Jiufen – NT$ 51

12:50 PM: ETA

  • Explore / Lunch: NT$ 280


2:00 PM: Keelung Bus 788, 1062 to Ruifang Railway – NT$ 50

2:30 PM: ETA

*3:05 PM: Take Pingxi train from Ruifang to Shifen – NT$ 110

Please take note of the train schedule. Going to Shifen / Ping xi needs a careful planning to maximize your time since the trains are limited, you don’t want to spend a night in a railway tracks right? lol

*3:47 PM: ETA

  • Explore Shifen
  • Fly a Sky Lantern – NT$ 200 (this activity is really magical, please don’t leave Taiwan without trying one. Make your wishes fly thru sky lanterns!)

*5:48 PM: Shifen Train to Ruifang Station – NT$ 110

*6:18 PM: ETA

*6:40 PM: Ruifang TRA Station to Taipei Main Station (Train 181 Hualien→Chaojhou) – NT$ 76

*7:21 PM: ETA

7:30 PM: Explore Taipei Main Station

We intended to go back to Ximending before heading to the airport to eat at Modern Toilet but it was raining hard. So we just killed our time roaming at the mall near our place.

Dinner: NT$ 280


11:00 PM: Take Kuo-kuang Bus 1819 To Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1 – NT$ 140


DAY 6: Departure

12:00 AM: ETA

4:00 AM: Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 to NAIA T3 via Cebu Pacific Air 5j 311

6:40 AM: ETA to NAIA Terminal 3


Orange Garden CafeNT$ 100

How to get here: Board the Tamsui MRT and alight at Jiantan Station – NT$40

Transfer to Bus S19 and get off at Falun Temple. Orange Garden Café is only one minute walk from the bus stop. Visitors can also board Bus 303 and alight at Pingdeng Village but it will be a 900 meter walk uphill to reach the restaurant.
Neicou Stream

From Orange Garden Cafe, followed the road downhill until it lead me to the Neicou Stream Trail
Wuling Farm – If you arrived in the country during Wuling Farm’s Cherry Blossom Festival (this is when the trees are in full bloom). They have a limited tourist buses going to the place and its located at the Taipei Main Terminal. I missed going here BTW, due to time constraint but I’ll make sure to put this place again in my itinerary once i’m in Taiwan again. They have massive Cherry Trees and during full bloom, it is transformed in a fairy-tale like place.

  • How To Get Here:
  1. Take Kamalan Bus 1916 at Taipei Main Station to Yilan – NT$ 137
  2. Transfer to Yilan Railway Station (walk for 5 mins)
  3. Take Kuo-Kuang Bus from Yilan: Kuo-Kuang Bus in Yilan Station is approximately 150 meters, right side from Rear Exit of Yilan railway station. The line is from Yiland to Lishan bus, get off at Wuling Farm.

Departure: Yilan 7:30,12:40→Wuling Farm

Departure: Luodong 07:00,12:20→Wuling Farm

Return: Wuling Farm 9:10,14:10→Yilan

Return: Wuling Farm 13:40→Luodong

Ride time: About 2 hours and 45 minutes trip. Fare: NT$ 285
Elephant Mountain

  • Take MRT Beitou Station to Xiangshan Station exit 2 – NT$ 45

Walk along the park. At the end of the road turn left until the beginning of the trail. Look for staircase with an arc.


My first Cherry Blossom experience is really one for the books. It was once a dream and up to now whenever i scrolled on my pictures, i still felt lucky, happy and overwhelmed. I just can’t believe that what was once just an ordinary stickers pasted on my wall is now a reality. I was able to see, touch, smell and feel its magic.

Cherry Trees are really really REALLY gorgeous and not a single adjective can perfectly describe its beauty. One should see and experience for themselves to understand what i’m trying to imply.

Smelling the air that was once smelled by Dao Ming Sz is such a reality of my growing up years. Jerry Yan used to be my hero! Hahaha… Seeing Ying De University and touching Shan Cai’s locker door knob really made me happy. Those grown-up people who sees millennial kids going gaga over BTS and Exo as an understatement is unforgivable. Because whether you believe it or not, i do understand them! I once, used to stand in the same shoes. 💖

Taiwan in general is indeed a place with wide variety of natural treasures. From the diverse city of Taipei to a more laid back Nantou and Chiayi, which were combined altogether by Taichung, to the cultural inheritance of the old Jiufen with the magic touches of the sky lanterns of Shifen and Pingxi. Everything is worth visiting and i don’t think, you will get enough of them.

Once is never enough and someday i know, we will see each other again! 💋💖

Xie Xie Ni beautiful Taiwan! Thank You for giving 2 checks in my bucket List! Wo Ai Ni! 😍💋


(This Trip was Completed in March, 2018)

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