Japan, Japan Part 2

Life Is A Box Of Mochi (Japan Part 2)

While waiting for the last few episodes of Meteor Garden 2018 (yup, i’m screwed and hooked again for the nth time!) The Chinese version of Hana Yori Dango – Japanese Manga. I wanted to divert myself and finish the second half of our Japan Adventures 😍 .

So here it is!

DAY 6: Finding Huawei

Reality: Mom’s birthday. Our original itinerary on this day is to go and treat my mom to a ski resort. Unfortunately, during our last day in Osaka. My mom lost her mobile phone. She found about it at the time when we’re about to board the shinkansen train to Tokyo. She was devastated the whole time and wouldn’t talk. I never want her to be sad on her birthday, that’s why i told her if she wants us to return to Osaka and search for her phone, if that will make her feel better. She beg us to go, and so we did but I left my other phone with her, to cheer herself a little bit. at least she still can see her greeters on facebook.

Jhon & i left Akihabara (where we stayed) and board the earliest shinkansen back to Osaka. Luckily we have a nationwide JR pass, that allows us to have unli train rides. Tho’ we miss a day in our itinerary atleast i made my mom happy.

We went to our last itinerary Osaka Castle and the Ramen Museum. We asked the lost & found in every train stations that we went to. Even the restaurant and the comfort rooms. Unfortunately, we couldn’t retrieve it anymore. As much as i want to make her happy, that’s all i can do at that moment.

We left Osaka again with a heavy heart and a bad news. The only good thing about our day 6 is that we’re able to see Mt. Fuji with clear skies and in full glory! 😍

Our Train Snacks (became my fav convenience store pancakes! So delicious!)

(TIP: if coming from osaka to Tokyo via shinkansen, make sure you’re seated at the left side. It’s the opposite if you’re from Tokyo to Osaka. The train ride is scenic, pleasant and enjoyable. So i dont have any regrets at all.)

Authentic Takoyaki before Leaving Osaka

We reached Tokyo at about 8 pm. Since we still have 4 more hours to celebrate my mom’s birthday, we bought some mini cakes for her before going back to our accommodation. Atleast to make her feel better.

Then we asked her out to have dinner. We went to Akihabara main center and ate our first authentic Ramen. Stroll around, see Akihabara lights (this is the electronics capital of Japan btw) and went home.

The Scenic Shinkansen View:

My Mom’s Birthday Dinner (RAMEN!)




4:00 am – Wake-up Call

β€’ Breakfast – 900 YEN

6:00 am – JR Kinshicho Station to Tokyo Station (via JR Sobu Main line Rapid) – 160 YEN

β€’ Transfer to Joetsu Shinkansen to Gala Yuzawa (Echigo-Yuzawa ) (76 mins) – 6470 YEN

8:00 am – ETA

β€’ Ask for complimentary Birthday Pass – Failed!

β€’ Ask for JR Pass Discount

β€’ Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort – 4600 YEN (lift pass)

β€’ Senior Lift Pass – 3700 YEN

Alternative Ski Resort near Gala: Karuizawa Ski Resort – 5300 YEN


Jacket & Pants – 3000 YEN

Sled & Rubber Boots – 1500 YEN

Sled – 800 YEN

Gloves & Cap – 1000 YEN

Our Ski Adventures

Our Lunch

5:00 pm – Gala Yuzawa Station Joetsu Shinkansen to Tokyo Station, then transfer line to Harajuku Station – 5940 YEN

Harajuku Free Walk

Takeshita Dori (street) – take the Harajuku Takeshita Exit

Do not leave Harajuku without trying out their famous Crepes 😍

Lost Itinerary:

Then transfer to Ueno Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) to Roppongi exit 1c– 200 YEN (non JR)

6:00 pm – ETA

β€’ Tokyo Tower – visit Observatory at Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills / Tower City View and Sky Deck (Please go to the Museum Cone first in order to access the Tokyo City View counter (3rd floor at the Mori Tower) – 1800 YEN (observatory deck) / Sky Deck – 500 YEN

8:00 pm – Dinner at Roppongi Hills – 900 YEN

10:00 pm – Roppongi Station (Metro Subway Hibiya Line for Tobu-Dobutsukoen) to Akihabara (23 mins) – 200 YEN (non JR)

β€’ Then transfer to JR Chuosobu Yellow line, Akihabara to Kinshicho (7 mins) – 160 YEN


Above is our original plan, since we sacrificed a day, i needed to let go of some places. So we just decided to spent this night in Harajuku – the CUTENESS capital of Japan, stroll around, eat Crepes and hunt Sailor Moon!

Our accommodation BTW is near Tokyo SkyTree, so every night we could see its changing colors.

Sailor Moon! ❀️


Tokyo Skytree



Fare: JR Pass: 12730 YEN

Non JR: 400 YEN

Food: 2700 YEN

Entrance Fees: 6900 YEN / 6100 YEN (senior)

Rentals: 1800 YEN


DAY 7:Β Tokyo Disney Sea

6:00 am: Breakfast – 900 YEN

7:00 am: Take JR Chuosobu line, Kinshicho Station to Nishi-Funabashi Station (20 mins), then transfer to JR Musashino line to Maihama Station (13 mins) – 310 YEN

Walk for 6 mins

Transfer to Resort Gateway Station (Monorail) to Tokyo Disneysea (9 mins) – 260 YEN (non JR)

8:00 am: ETA

ENTRANCE: 7400 YEN / 6700 YEN (Senior)

Lunch – 900 YEN

9:00 pm: Tokyo Disneysea Station to Resort Gateway Station – 260 YEN (non JR)

Walk for 6 mins

β€’ Take JR Musashino line Maihama Station to Nishi-Funabashi Station, then transfer to yellow line JR Chuosobu line towards Kinshicho Station North Exit– 310 YEN

Dinner: 900 YEN

Disneysea Fireworks


Fare: JR Pass: 620 YEN

Non JR: 520 YEN

Food: 2700 YEN

Entrance Fees: 7400 YEN / 6700 YEN (Senior)

Reality:Β This is a tough one to decide. I’m contemplating on either to choose Disneysea or do our Tokyo City Tour. I choose Disneysea, i just felt that my first time in Japan wouldn’t be complete if i dont get to visit the only Disney Sea in the world. My boyfriend didn’t join us coz he’s thinking the other way around. Hahaha. He went alone to do shopping hunt in Akihabara, Harajuku, Shinjuku and Asakusa. Then we agreed to meet at Tokyo Station in the night.




4:00 am – Call time

β€’ Breakfast – 900 YEN

6:00 am – VIA TRAIN: Kinshicho Station to Ochanomizu Station Yellow line (9 mins), then transfer to JR Chuo Line Commuter Rapid to Takao Station (Tokyo) (1 hr), then JR Chuo Main Line to Otsuki (36 mins) – 1490 YEN

From Otsuki Station to Kawaguchiko Station via Fujikyu Railway (51 mins) – 1140 YEN (non JR)

Fujikyu Train

β€’ VIA BUS: Take bus at Shinjuku Station – 1750 YEN (non JR)

β€’ To reach Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal, “New South Gate” is the most convenient, although it is also accessible from “Miraina Tower Gate” or “Koshu-kaido Gate”. Take the escalator in front of the ticket gate (New South Gate) to get to departure terminal on 4th floor. From “South Exit”, it is accessible from “Koshu-Kaido Gate” across the pedestrian crossing in front of the ticket gate.

8:30 am – ETA at Kawaguchiko Station

β€’ Explore lake kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji (30 mins bus ride from the station – the bus station is located 2 mins away from the train terminal, please make sure to ride the correct route, it’s posted at the ticketing counter. Make sure to take picture of the bus route or get a map from the tourism counter located beside the train station)

β€’ Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway – 800 YEN (roundtrip) / ride Retro Bus beside Kawaguchiko Station – 700 YEN (roundtrip) or walk for 15 mins

12:00 pm – VIA BUS: Take bus to Shinjuku Station – 1750 YEN (non JR)

β€’ VIA TRAIN: From Kawaguchiko Station to Otsuki Station via Fujikyu Railway (51 mins) – 1140 YEN (non JR)

β€’ Otsuki Station to Takao Statio via JR chuo Main Line (36 mins) , then transfer to JR Chuo Line Local Service, Takao Station to Shinjuku Station (1 hr) – 1320 YEN

2:30 pm – ETA

β€’ Lunch – 900 YEN

(Shinjuku Station to Shibuya Station)

β€’ Shibuya – Take Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Asakusa to Shibuya Station (33 mins) – 240 YEN (non JR)

Reserved Narita Express Train Tickets at Shibuya Station

Hachiko Statue – take Hachiko Exit

Coffee at Starbucks and to see Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing – infront of Hachiko Exit

Shopping Walk

β€’ Donki Day in Mega Store Don Quijote in Shibuya (open 24 hrs) – 5 minute walk from Shibuya Station (JR Yamanote Line, Toyoko Line, Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Denentoshi Line and Inokashira Line).

β€’ Akihabara – Take Shibuya Station (JR Yamanote line) to Akihabara (28 mins) – 200 YEN

Dinner – 900 YEN

Signing-off – Take JR Chuosobu Yellow line, Akihabara Station to Kinshicho Station (7 mins) – 160 YEN

Reality: Since a day in our itinerary was sacrificed. I needed to omit some places. This is our Lost Itinerary, i posted it here to at least help you with your own itinerary.

Tokyo City Tour

β€’ Shinjuku Gyoen Garden –200 YEN

First, take the south exit of Shinjuku Station and head down the left-hand side of Koshu Kaido, the main street straight ahead of you. After about 10 mins, you’ll come across the Shinjuku Gate on the right-hand side.

β€’ Yoyogi Park

Take JR Yamanote line from Shinjuku to Harajuku Station Omotesando exit (5 mins walk) – 140 YEN

β€’ Meiji Shrine

Walk right Next to Yoyogi Park

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando

Super Daiso Store

Odaiba – Giant Gundam in Diver City Tokyo Plaza

β€’ JR Kinshicho Station to Tokyo (JR Sobu Line Rapid Blue line) Tokyo to Shimbashi Station via Direct connection to JR Yokosuka line) (11 mins) – 170 YEN

β€’ Then transfer to Yurikamome Line (for Toyosu) to Odaiba Station (13 mins) – 320 YEN (non JR)

Imperial Palace – Odaiba Station Yurikamome Line (for Shimbashi) to Shimbashi Station (14 mins) – 320 YEN (non JR)

β€’ Then transfer to JR Yamanote Line Shimbashi Station to Tokyo Station (4 mins) Marunouchi North Exit: 15-minute walk – 140 YEN

β€’ Walk east from Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace East Garden. Visit the East Garden and exit via the Kitahanebashi-mon. Walk north through Kitanomaru-koen Park and then visit Yasukuni-jinja Shrine. Do not miss the controversial and interesting Yushukan Museum at the shrine.

β€’ Ueno Park – Take JR Yamanote Line, JR Takasaki Line, JR Keihintohoku Line , Tokyo Station to Ueno Station Park Exit (5 mins) – 160 YEN

β€’ Visit:

Kaneji Temple

Kiyomizu Kannon Temple

Tosho-gu Shrine Ueno


Cherry Blossoms Garden

Asakusa Temple (Senso-Ji Temple) – Take Ueno Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line) to Asakusa (5 mins) – 170 YEN (non JR)


DAY 9: Departure

6:00 am – Breakfast – 900 YEN

7:00 am – via Express: Kinshicho JR Sobu Line Rapid to Tokyo Station, walk for 5 mins, then transfer to Narita Express to Narita airport Terminal 2 – 2980 YEN (you need to reserve this one ahead!)

8:30 am – ETA

or Through Airport Limousine Bus (tickets at the Hotel Concierge)

β€’ 7:50 am – Departure at Tobu Hotel Levant (Arrives 9:35 am at Terminal 2) – 2800 YEN

Last Meal in Japan

12:10 pm – Departure From Narita International Airport Terminal 2 to NAIA Terminal 3

4:25 pm– Arrival to NAIA Terminal 3


Fare: JR Pass: 2980 YEN

Food: 900 YEN

Entrance Fees: 0


GRAND TOTAL per PAX: approximately

Fare: JR Pass: 39540 YEN

Non JR: 11040 YEN

Food: 21000 YEN (more or less)

Entrance Fees: 26600 YEN

Locker Fees: 1200 YEN

Rentals: 1800 YEN

Encash in Japan: 61640 YEN (28,139.31 php)

Philippine Tax: 2370 php





Studio Shin-Osaka = P 8133.32 (2711.10 each)

Kinshicho Apartment = P 15809.87 (5269.95 each)

Air Ticket = P 8060.23

Visa Fee = P 950

Pocket Wifi = P 2238 via klook

JR Pass = P 12207.59 via klook


My Fav during this Adventure

Japan is indeed expensive, EVERYTHING is expensive! hahaha (i live in Southeast Asia, do understand where i’m coming from… πŸ˜‚ ) well… except for those 100 Yen stores! (a gem really!) You really need to plan ahead before going. But there’s a way to cut the expenses, like buying packed food in convenience store or making your own food if staying in condos. Staying in a low-key accommodation such as capsule hostel and the likes.

Amidst all the expenses, i can say that this country is worth all the sacrifices as it is an absolute stunner! Beautiful in all aspects. Warm and discipline people. Tho’ this is probably one of the hardest itineraries that i’ve created, i’m still proud of myself because i pulled it off with flying colors. After learning and basically understanding the craziness of their transport system, i know deep in myself that i can manage anything.

I Love Japan and definitely this visit won’t be my last!

Next time, i will make sure to hunt Jun Matsumoto and Arashi in every corners and in every vendo machines! hahaha…

Arigato Japan! πŸŒβ›©

Signing Off

…… but will leave you with an Arashi Song “One Love”… ❀️❀️❀️

Hyaku nen saki mo Ai wo chikau yo Kimi wa boku no subete sa
Shinjiteiru Tada shinjiteru Onaji toki wo kizamu hito e
Donna kimi mo Donna boku demo Hitotsu hitotsu ga itoshii
Kimi ga ireba Nani mo iranai Kitto shiawase ni suru kara

(Even in a hundred years I vow my love, You are everything to me
Believing, just believing. To the person I carve out the same time with
Any kind of you Even any kind of me. Loving each and every one
If you are here, then I don’t need anything else Because I’ll be sure to make you happy..)

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