Jakarta – Java’s Modern City


Jakarta is the capital City of Indonesia. Located in northern Java, this place is easily accessible by train or buses from the main hubs of the country.

This is the 4th and final leg of our Indonesia Week trip. We were supposed to spend a night here but through intensive researches, we decided to spend  a day before heading back home.

Nothing much to see in Jakarta, the place is similar to Manila, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. They also have high-rised buildings, big shopping malls, old china town and some monuments.

We arrived at Gambir Station around 11:00 AM via train from Bandung. All our train tickets were purchased in Yogyakarta. We arrived late for about an hour or 2 because of the delayed train departure. So please have this in mind as you do your planning.

By the way, the train tickets have 3 classes, the economy, the business and executive.

  • Leave bags at the Luggage Station – Rp 15000 (per luggage)

They have that in Gambir Station which is absolutely convenient.

12:00 PM – Jakarta City Tour

We took a quick snack at Dunkin Donuts before proceeding to our destination. This is a walking tour, as this 3 places are near from the Station.

  • Monas (Monument Nasional) – near Gambir Station
  • Istiqlal Mosque


  • Cathedral

Our original itinerary is to cover these places:

  • Museums
  • Old Batavia
  • Plaza Indonesia
  • Grand Indonesia Mall

But my boyfriend is having his Bandung Hang over that we decided to have our last minute itinerary changes and seek for that outlet stores, Jakarta style! Hahaha

As per research (quick and spot on) we found one and it is located at Pejaten Village. We took a cab going there without us knowing that the area is quite far and that sick Jakarta’s traffic is unbearable!

When we got there, we immediately ask some locals regarding the outlet stores but to our dismay, those outlet stores were already closed! “Sad life”.

Tho’ a bit disappointed, we just took our lunch, each some churros and enjoy the classic A&W rootbeer float! 😊


Then we decided to spent our last rupiahs  and went to the grocery. Bought some indonesian coffee and other “pasalubongs”.

We headed back to Gambir station at around 5 PM Via Grab Taxi! Took our luggages and rode a Damri Bus to the airport for Rp 40,000 (per person)



Exploring Jakarta Airport is an easy Breezy task. The airport is small and easily accessible, so you don’t have to worry in catching your flight.

12:30 AM – Departure via Cebu Pacific @ Jakarta International Airport Terminal 2

5:30 AM – Arrival @ NAIA Terminal 3


Our Indonesia trip is indeed a memorable one. Our Amazing race itinerary is crazy but fun. We did experienced the best of the best of what Indonesia has to offer. From Balinese Culture, Crazy Bali Parties,  long Train rides, the Amazing architectures of Yogyakarta, the shopping haven of Bandung, killer traffic but Modern city of Jakarta. It’s one for the books and i would personally cherish this experience for the rest of my life!


Till we meet again… ❤️


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