Temple Running in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is another tourist destination in Indonesia. Located in Central Java, probably the most interesting of them all as this area houses the 4 pronounced religion in the world. The grand mosque of moslems, catholic church in central Yogyakarta and the 2 architecturally different temples, the Borobudur Temple of Buddist and the Prambanan Temple of Hindus.

How to Get Here?

There are several airlines fleeing to Yogyakarta. But budget airline includes Garuda Air, Lion Air and Air Asia.

You can also ride a train since Indonesia’s railway system is efficient.

We did booked a flight to save time but if you want to DIY then, here’s what you can do:

From Jakarta:

If coming from the airport, ride a Damri Bus towards Gambir Station and simply bought a ticket to Yogyakarta

Website:  www.kereta-api.co.id

From Bali:

Go to Denpasar Ubung Bus Terminal, ride a bus to Banyuwangi. The bus will board a ferry at Gilimanuk and will arrive at Ketapang in Java. Will continue its route till it reaches Banyuwangi Bus Station.

From the station, buy train tickets towards Surabaya, and from Surabaya you may take another train to Yogyakarta.


Side Trip To Mt. Bromo:

Our original itinerary is to have a side trip to Mt. Bromo from Bali before heading to Yogyakarta. I did intensive research on how to get to that famous Java Volcano, but in the end we decided to scrap the idea and stayed longer in Bali.

The reason: I’ve read so many horror stories of the terror touts in Probolinggo (the main hub of Bromo), so we were hesitant to try our luck. We dont want to be played around, not with a tight itinerary and a well-planned budget! “wag kame… hahaha”

How to Get Here:

From Bali, take the same bus at Denpasar to Banyuwangi. At the station, buy train tickets to Probolinggo (beware of touts), take a mini bus to Cemoro Lawang.

You can actually ride a bus directly to Probolinggo but i’ve read so many things about the buses not stopping at the designated bus stops or the bus station. Instead, they will let you out in a tourist office to hack you and your money for a Bromo Tour. I think the best way is to have a pre-arranged tour on your departure area.

Anyway, i’m STILL hoping to capture this gorgeous moment someday…



Our flight to Yogyakarta is at 10:25 AM via Lion Air. Yogyakarta’s time is an hour delayed from Bali, so we arrived at 11:00 AM.

We made our way outside the airport to catch the bus to Malioboro. At first we couldn’t find that elevated Bus Stop. I knew it  was elevated after my researches. We tried asking the security guard but he said that the bus stop is far and travelling via bus can take a longer period of time thus the only solution is to ride an airport taxi. We were slightly on the verged of giving in to the suggestion, but i decided to walk towards the main street which is roughly 2 minutes from where we are. And to my surprised after 30 seconds, i saw the elevated platform of the bus station! Seems like, the guard is lying as he tries to push us to ride the taxi. The platform is located slightly infront of the arrival exit, that’s why we didn’t see the signboard.

We rode Bus 1A to Malioboro for Rp 3000

It’s around 30 -40 mins. ride.

There are designated bus stops. So make sure you know where to get-off.

12:00 PM – Arrival at Malioboro Station (1st Stop after Tugu Station)

We made our way to our hotel which is around 5 minutes from the main Malioboro St.

  • Hotel Check-in – Hotel Neo Malioboro – Jalan Pasar Kembang no. 21 Yogyakarta City Center, Yogyakarta Indonesia (leave luggages)


Location: 😊😊😊😊😊

Around 5 minutes walk to Malioboro, the center area of Yogyakarta. 7 minutes walk to Bus Stop and 3 minutes walk to Train Station. Couldn’t ask for more! lol

Cleanliness: 😊😊😊😊

Nice, Simple but Clean

Over-All: 😊😊😊😊

For the price, i would be recommending this place. It’s very VERY near to everything!

dividerlouiseAfter settling our luggages, we made our way at the train station to buy our tickets to Bandung. At first, our plan is to get the said tickets and upon our arrival to Bandung, get another tickets to Jakarta. The lady in the ticket booth informed us that we can actually buy everything there and that’s what we did.

  • Train Fare to Bandung via Lodaya Malam (train station located at the Northern part of Malioboro, Kembang St.) – Business – Rp 250,000 / Ex – Rp 310,000 (per person)
  • Train Fare from Bandung to Gambir Station, Jakarta – Exsekutif – Rp 85,000 (per person)
  • Lunch – Rp 150,000 (per person) at KFC! hahaha

Our first day in Yogyakarta was spent roaming around the area. The entire Malioboro is a street full of shopping stores, restaurants, street food is also predominant in the area. It’s like a small Divisoria (a shopping district in the Philippines).

We made our way towards Kraton Palace, unfortunately the area is already close when we got there.

Ofcourse, i didn’t left Indonesia without trying J.CO donuts. FYI: J.CO was originally from Indonesia.



As i’ve mentioned on my previous posts, i have this fascination on DIY trips. It makes me knowledgeable of the place and i’m saving more. I’m learning and it makes the trip more memorable. We have an option to have a tour to Prambanan and Borobudur, it’s very uncommon of a DIY tour and very few blog have this information. But still we opt to just DIY everything!

6:30 AM – Breakfast – Free

8:00 AM – Started our journey to Borobudur Temple

Route 1: Bus 2A to Jombor Terminal – Rp 3000 (per person), then take bus to Borobudur – Rp 20,000 (per person). This is the only information that you will get on blogs, very easy and i think it’s manageable right? So with this info on hand, we went straight to the bus terminal, which is around 7 minutes from our hotel. As we wait for bus 2A, we try chatting on the lady at the ticket counter and she mentioned that this route, will just eat your time because of so many stops.

So here’s the easy way:

Ride bus 3A from Malioboro to RS PKU Muhammadiyah – Terminal Ngabean, (2nd stop from Malioboro), then take Bus 2B towards Jombor Terminal ☺ . From there, you must ride the bus towards Borobudur Temple.

Reference: from Wikipedia

TransJogja Bus

Line 1A

Prambanan Bus st.-Adisutjipto airport-Tugu Rail st.-Malioboro- Jogja Expo Center(JEC)-Prambanan bus st. Terminal Prambanan – S5. Kalasan – Bandara Adisucipto – S3. Maguwoharjo – Janti (bawah) – S3. UIN Kalijaga – S4. Demangan – S4. Gramedia – S4. Tugu –Stasiun TuguMalioboro – S4. Kantor Pos Besar – S4. Gondomanan – S4. Pasar Sentul – S4. SGM – Gembira Loka – S4. Babadan Gedongkuning – JEC – S4. Blok O – Janti (atas) – S3. Maguwoharjo – Bandara Adisucipto – S5. Kalasan – Terminal Prambanan.

Line 1B

Adisutjipto Airport-Jogja Expo Center(JEC)-Centre Post Office-SAMSAT-Pingit-UGM-Condongcatur bus st.- Kalijaga Islamic University-Adisutjipto Airport. Bandara Adisucipto – S3. Maguwoharjo – S3.Babarsari – Janti (lewat bawah) – S4. Blok O – JEC – S4. Babadan -Gedongkuning – Gembira Loka – S4. SGM – S4. Pasar Sentul – S4. Gondomanan – S4. Kantor Pos Besar – S3. RS.PKU Muhammadiyah – S3. Pasar Kembang – S4. Badran – Bundaran SAMSAT – S4. Pingit – S4. Tugu – S4. Gramedia – Bundaran UGM – S3. Colombo – S4. Demangan – Terminal Condongcatur – S3. UIN Sunan Kalijaga – Janti – S3. Maguwoharjo – Bandra Adisucipto.

Line 2A

Jombor bus st.-Malioboro-Basen-Gembira Loka Zoo-Mandala Krida stadium-Kridosono Stadium-UGM-Condongcatur bus st.-Jombor bus st. Terminal Jombor – S4. Monjali – S4. Tugu – Stasiun Tugu – Malioboro – S4. Kantor Pos Besar – S4. Gondomanan – S4. Jokteng Wetan – S4. Tungkak – S4. Gambiran – S3 . Basen – S4. Rejowinangun – S4. Babadan Gedongkuning – Gembira Loka – S4. SGM – S3. Cendana – S4. Mandala Krida – S4. Gayam – Flyover Lempuyangan – Kridosono – S4. Duta Wacana – S4. Galeria – S4. Gramedia – Bundaran UGM – S3. Colombo – Terminal Condongcatur – S4. Kentungan – S4. Monjali – Terminal Jombor.

Line 2B

Jombor bus st.-Condongcatur bus st.-UGM-Kridosono stadium-Mandala krida stadium-Basen-Centre pos office-Wirobrajan-Pingit-Jombor bus st. Terminal Jombor – S4. Monjali – S4. Kentungan – Terminal Condong Catur – S3. Colombo – Bundaran UGM – S4. Gramedia – Kridosono – S4. Duta Wacana – Fly-over Lempuyangan – S4. Gayam – S4. Mandala Krida – S3. Cendana – S4. SGM – Gembiraloka– S4. Babadan Gedongkuning – S4. Rejowinangun – S3. Basen – S4.Tungkak – S4. Joktengwetan – S4. Gondomanan – S4. Kantor Pos Besar – S3. RS PKU Muhammadiyah – S4. Ngabean – S4. Wirobrajan – S3. BPK – S4. Badran – Bundaran SAMSAT – S4. Pingit – S4. Tugu – S4. Monjali – Terminal Jombor.

Line 3A

Giwangan bus st.-Kotagede-Gedongkuning-Adisutjipto airport-North Ringroad- Condongcatur bus st.-MM UGM-Pingit-Malioboro-Pojok Beteng-Giwangan Bus st. Terminal Giwangan – S4. Tegalgendu – S3. HS-Silver – Jl. Nyi Pembayun – S3. Pegadaian Kotagede – S3. Basen – S4. Rejowinangun – S4. Babadan Gedongkuning – JEC – S4. Blok O – Janti (lewat atas) – S3. Janti – S3. Maguwoharjo – Bandara ADISUCIPTO – S3. Maguwoharjo – Ringroad Utara – Terminal Condongcatur – S4. Kentungan – S4. MM UGM – S4. MirotaKampus – S3. Gondolayu – S4. Tugu – S4. Pingit – Bundaran SAMSAT – S4. Badran – S3. PasarKembang – Stasiun TUGU – Malioboro – S4. Kantor Pos Besar – S3. RS PKU Muhammadiyah – S4. Ngabean – S4. Jokteng Kulon – S4. Plengkung Gading – S4. Jokteng Wetan – S4. Tungkak – S4.Wirosaban – S4. Tegalgendu – Terminal Giwangan.

Line 3B

Giwangan bus st.-Pojok Benteng-SAMSAT-Pingit-MM UGM-Condongcatur bus st.-North Ringroad-Adisutjipto airport-Jogja Expo Center(JEC)-Basen-Kotagede-Giwangan bus st. Terminal Giwangan – S4. Tegalgendu – S4. Wirosaban – S4. Tungkak – S4.Jokteng Wetan – S4. Plengkung Gading – S4. JoktengKulon – S4. Ngabean – S3. RS PKU Muhammadiyah – S3. Pasar Kembang – S4. Badran – Bundaran SAMSAT – S4. Pingit – S4. Tugu – S3. Gondolayu – S4. Mirota Kampus – S4. MM UGM – S4. Kentungan – Terminal Condong Catur – Ringroad Utara – S3. Maguwoharjo – Bandara Adisucipto – S3. Maguwoharjo – JANTI (lewat bawah) – S4. Blok O – JEC – S4. Babadan Gedongkuning – S4. Rejowinangun – S3. Basen – S3. Pegadaian Kotagede – Jl.Nyi Pembayun – S3. HS-Silver – S4. Tegalgendu – Terminal Giwangan.

Line 4A

Giwangan Bus st.TamansiswaPakualamanLempuyangan rail st.Kridosono stadium – Giwangan Bus st.-Jl. Imogiri Timur – Jl. Pramuka – Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan – Jl. Menteri Supeno – Jl. Taman Siswa – Jl. Sultan Agung – Jl. Gadjah Mada – Jl. Hayam Wuruk – Stadion Kridosono – Jl. Hayam Wuruk – Jl. Gadjah Mada – Jl. Sultan Agung – Jl. Taman Siswa – Jl. Menteri Supeno – Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan – Jl. Pramuka – Jl. Imogiri Timur – Terminal Giwangan.

Line 4B

Terminal Giwangan – XT Square – SGM – Balaikota – UIN – Kridosono – Balai Yasa – UIN – Terminal Giwangan -Jl. Imogiri Timur – Jl. Pramuka – Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan – Jl. Veteran – Jl. Pandean – Jl. Glagahsari – Jl. Kusumanegara – Jl. Sidobali – Jl. Ipda Tut Harsono – Jl. Urip Sumoharjo – Jl. Sudirman – Jl. Suroto – Jl. Wardani – Jl. Kusbini – Jl. Langensari – Jl. Urip Sumoharjo – Jl. Ipda Tut Harsono – Jl. Sidobali – Jl. Kusumanegara – Jl. Glagahsari – Jl. Pandean – Jl. Veteran – Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan – Jl. Pramuka – Jl. Imogiri Timur – Terminal Giwangan


9:30 AM – Arrival at Borobudur

  • Borobudur Tour – Prambanan Entrance – IDR 360,000 (per person)

BOROBUDUR is a 9th-century Buddhist temple located in Magelang, central Java . This place is considered as the World’s largest Buddhist Temple.

As per Wikipedia, The temple is consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular, topped by a central dome and  is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha Statues. The central dome is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues, each seated inside a perforated Stupa.

Upon researches, i’ve read that touching the buddha inside the stupa entitles you of a wish. So once you got there, don’t forget to make one!

Well, this isn’t my first time seeing temples, i’ve seen quite a lot, but Borobudur is simply mesmerizing! Every detail is magnificent, it makes you wonder “how on earth did the ancient world did that?”

12:00 PM – We then took the Bus to Jombor Terminal – Rp 20,000 (per person)

1:00 PM – Bus 2A to Malioboro – Rp 3000 (per person), then Bus 1A to Prambanan

*Our scheduled time were not properly executed, we were stuck in traffic and it was raining so hard. The misfortune of a DIY trip! hahaha … but was fun tho’. We made it to Prambanan at around 3:30 PM. Lucky for us, we made it before 5! The temple closes at this time.

Prambanan  is a 9th-century UNESCO Heritage Site Hindu Temple dedicated to Trimuti, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The temple compound is located approximately 17 kilometres (11 mi) northeast of the city of Yogyakarta on the boundary between Central Java and Yogya Provinces. It is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and one of the largest in Asia.

Around 7 PM, we were in Malioboro. Had our much awaited Dinner and stroll for the last time. We went back to our hotel at around 9 PM to collect our luggages and went straight to the train station. Our schedule is at 10 PM but was delayed for 2 hours. “sigh”


12:00 PM  – Night Train to Bandung (7 hrs)


YOGYAKARTA tour signing OFF….. “success!”



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