Banaue: Simple yet Spectacular

image Banaue is located in Ifugao, another province in northern Luzon. It houses the majestically spectacular man-made Rice Terraces Or the Hagdan Hagdang Palayan in tagalog. It is often called by Filipinos as the 8th wonder of the World. This place is also included in the Unesco World Heritage Site.

During my school years, the place is oftentimes included in our geography and history books. Referred to as the first and the original man-made rice terraces in the Philippines. The hundred year old terraces were built by the natives of Ifugao to be their source of livelihood.

Only last year, that i decided to passed by and include it in my itinerary. Probably due to the influence of one popular series airing (as of this writing) in the Philippines.

DSC01456 DSC01449


Getting Here: Coming here is plain and simple. Just head straight to Sampaloc, Manila and ride a bus bound directly to Banaue. As of now, only Ohayami Bus Line caters this trip.


– To get to the terminal, head to Espana Ave. Your landmark is University of Sto. Tomas. Upon reaching Lacson intersection, turn right towards Lacson Ave. if coming from Quiapo (left if from west/quezon ave), walk for 5 mins. You will passed by Florida Bus Lines, the terminal is in front of Metro Oil corner Fajardo St. Fare is P450 and they do accept early reservation.

Website: www.ohayamitrans.com

Beautiful Wall Decor from the bus Stop-over
Beautiful Wall Decor from the bus Stop-over



Getting To the Rice Terraces:

Upon reaching the province, you can easily embrace and see the beauty of the rice terraces. It serves as the backdrop of Ohayami Unloading station.


Visitors may go first to Information center and register. For us, we didn’t do it since, we will be spending a few hours only and then we will be heading to Sagada, Mountain Province after. Anyway, when you reached the terminal, you may want to go down since vans, tricycles and jeepneys are stationed below the main road. There are also restaurants, inns, hostels and souvenir shops along the area.

DSC01436 DSC01433



There are many view points of Banaue Rice Terraces. These are the ff:

A. NFA-Aguian View Deck – also known as the “1000 Peso bill view deck”

B. Dyanarra View Deck – Remember the 1994 Miss. Universe held in the Philippines? This is where Dayanara Torres shoot the pageant’s backdrop!


C. Main View Point – This is probably the highest of all the 3 and the one who will give you the bird’s eye view of the site.

Banaue is more than the Rice Terraces, there are also falls in Batad and different activities like mingling with the Ifugao natives and have a glimpse of their Nipa Hut houses. You can also try top-loading in the jeepneys while exploring to experience the fresh air of the site.


Tho’ i only stayed for a few hours, those moments is one for the books and will be treasured for the rest of my Travelling life! If Given enough time, i would have stayed longer! ☺☺☺


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