Baguio: The City of Pines


Baguio is located in Benguet, a province in the Cordillera region of northern Luzon. Often tagged as the summer capital of the Philippines, probably because of its mountainous location. The city itself has an average of 20 and below deg. Celsius in temperature. Btw, the Philippines is a tropical country, so any temperature below 20 is considered cold! Hahaha

The first time i went here is for a day trip only, a side trip from Manaoag, Pangasinan. I never had the courage to stay for a night or 2 because of those ghost stories. Hahaha. That’s why when i decided to finally give it a try, i googled some hotels and read comments on the web. I even, jokingly emailed my hotel reservation officer to give me a room that doesn’t offer some ghostly apparitions. 😂 Anyway, our Baguio trip is just part of our Banaue-Sagada-Baguio Adventure. I will post my itinerary asap.

DSC01960 DSC01951 DSC01949 DSC01932

My Itinerary is posted here: Sagada-Baguio Via Banaue


Getting Here: There are a few bus companies that goes to Baguio but the famous one is the Victory Liner. Located in Caloocan City, Cubao and Pasay.

Website: Going to Baguio will take you for about 4-5 hrs depending on the traffic.


Where To Stay?

This place is a famous vacation spot so getting a room is an easy breezy step. There are numerous hotels, hostels, pension, even houses that caters the visitors. When we went here, we booked at Microtel by Wyndham Baguio.

DSC02092 DSC02077

The Verdict:

Location: ☺☺☺☺☺

This is one of the reasons why i opt to stay at this hotel. Located at the north Session Road just beside Victory Liner Bus Terminal. 5 mins walk to SM Mall Baguio and a good 10 mins to Burnham Park. Taxi, Jeepneys are everywhere in the city, so travelling from one place to another wont be a problem.

Cleanliness: ☺☺☺☺

The place is modern and clean! The bathroom is nice plus its amenities.

DSC01978 DSC01977

Breakfast: ☺☺☺

They offer a buffet breakfast at their restaurant named Te Quiero. Not a lot of choices but its ok. I’m an omelette person, so any breakfast buffet that offers personalized omelette is a star for me. Hahaha

DSC02066 DSC02067

Over-all: ☺☺☺☺

I strongly recommend this hotel. The ambiance is very nice, the blue faccade is a real beauty, full of pine trees, very nice for those selfies. Hahaha. With 24 hrs security. Centrally located, very close to everything and anything. And on a positive note, they don’t carry those Ghosts (another thing Baguio is famous for!) Hahaha.


What to See and Do? There are many tourist spots in Baguio, i’ll try to list some of them.

1. Burnham Park – One of the famous spot in this city, where one can have a picnic, ride boats and wander around Burnham Lake.

Getting Here: Simply ask the taxi driver to Burnham Park, this park is located in the street next to Session Road.

DSC02023 DSC02016 DSC02003

2. Mine’s View Park – Another classic Tourist Attraction. You can ride horses, do photo-op wearing traditional Igorot costumes, photo-op with St. Bernard dogs. Near the area is the Good Shepherd Convent famous for its Ube Jam.

Getting Here: Make your way towards Harrison Road, this is the terminal of most jeepneys.

DSC02165 DSC02168 DSC02171 DSC02176 DSC02177 DSC02187 DSC02193 DSC02195 DSC02197

3. The Mansion – The Malacanang of the North.

Getting Here: This place is along the same road as the Mine’s View Park, you can opt to alight at the Wright Park just before Mine’s View.

4. Camp John Hay – Located here is the famous The Manor Hotel. Lots of restaurant and a huge golf course are here. This place also houses the Cemetery of Negativism (made famous by the series FOREVERMORE).

Getting Here: Easily accessible by taxi.

5. Lourdes Grotto

Getting Here: 

  • The jeepney terminal to Lourdes grotto is called Lourdes Dominical terminal. It is located along Zandueta Street, Baguio city.
  • To get here from bakakeng Jeepney terminal climb up the overpass and get across Harrison Road. Turn left and continue walking on the footbridge until you reach the other side go down the stairs and go straight ahead until you reach the corner which is Zandueta street (landmark: across the corner is Chow king). Turn right and continue walking until you get to yet another corner, which is Kayang Street. Turn left of Kayang Street and you will see Lourdes Dominical Terminal. Fare is 8.50 php.

6. Strawberry Fields – Located in La trinidad, near Baguio City. This is where visitors can buy and pick fresh strawberries.

Getting Here: 

  • Take a jeepney that has “Buyagan” sign passing by Bautista Drive.
  • To get here from Bakakeng Jeepney terminal, walk back of Gregorio Street, towards Lake Drive. turn right of lake drive. Continue Walking in Shanum Street until you get to Fernando Bautista Drive. Walk uphill from the corner until you get to the other end of Bautista drive. Wait for a jeepney from here. Fare is 16 php or go to BAGUIO CENTER MALL. Walk towards the underpass in the mall and you will see Jeepney terminals there including those bound for “BUYAGAN”.

7. Museums

8. Shopping in an Ukay-Ukay – This is another famous tourist attraction in Baguio. No need to worry coz Ukay Ukay seems to be everywhere in Baguio.

Where to Ukay:

a. Hilltop – behind the Baguio City Market

b, Bayanihan – an old hotel building to the northwest of Burnham Park

c. Skyworld – corner of Session Road and Calderon Street

d. Harrison Road / Little shops along Session Road

DSC02149 DSC02146 DSC02145 DSC02143 DSC02141 DSC02135 DSC02118

9. Lion’s Head – Located along Kennon Road, this is your first Welcome to Baguio City,

Getting Here:

  • Make your way to Camp 7 terminal. It is located in Carantes Street Baguio City.
  • From Bakakeng terminal go straight to Harrison Road. Climb up the Over pass and just across it you will see the terminal to camp 7. Fare is 16.50 php.

10. Night Market – Usually starts at 9 pm till past midnight, its located along Harrison road beside Burnham Park. I personally enjoyed going to Baguio Night Market, there are cheap finds, street foods and perfect weather.

DSC02049 DSC02047

11. Ghost Hunting – Hahaha i felt the need to include this here. Warning: This is not for the faint-hearted! Baguio is also known for this… several stories have been told about them. So if you got nothing to do, then head yourself to these areas: The White House, Baguio Cathedral at Night, The Diplomat Hotel, Teacher’s Camp and the Hyatt Terraces Hotel.


DSC01992 DSC01993



Where to Eat?

This is another attraction in Baguio… Food Tripping… there are numerous cafes, restaurants in the city. Anywhere you look at, there’s always a place to munch in! And before i forget, don’t leave Baguio without trying their famous Strawberry Taho!

1. Cafe By The Ruins

2. Vizco’s – Probably the best Strawberry Shortcake i’ve ever tried! Located along Session Road.



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