Bohol : Philippines Nature Sanctuary


Bohol is one of the Philippines’ wonder City. It’s where the nature and adventure collide. Located in the Visayas Region, the province is consists of numerous old churches, fine white sand beaches, houses the famous chocolate hills, extreme adventures and the land of Tarsier (its that little creature with cute, big eyes, only found in the Philippines).

Of all the provinces in the Philippines, this would probably one of my highly anticipated places to visit. Been eyeing to visit those century old churches for a long time. Blame it on time, he’s not permitting me to do it not until now. Unfortunately, the province was struck by an earthquake, few months before my highly anticipated vacation. The churches were greatly damaged! Many of each collapsed into pieces. 😔

Greatly saddened by the situation, i opt to stick with my plan and go on. I thought Bohol needed my support now than before. Their tourist industry was greatly affected. We came here from Cebu, but there are many flights from Manila that are flying to and from Tagbilaran. The city capital of Bohol.

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Cebu: The City of World’s Best Pig


Cebu is located in Visayas Region Philippines. It’s a monumental city in Philippine history because this is the place where Magellan, a Portuguese explorer first landed. It was believed that he was the first one to discover the Philippines in 1521. It is also the birthplace of catholism in the country and guitar capital of the Philippines.

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