Drama Queen Photographs

Drama Queen

I love taking photos of myself in a dramatic way. Hahaha. Not that i’m a selfie addict, i just love making wallpaper kind of photos starring “MYSELF”.

I love backgrounds, wind, sky, rain, ocean, vivid and vibrant colors, high contrast etc. I’ll post my photos here and some stories behind it! Spread Love!!!

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Cambodia, Vietnam

A Taste of Vietnam and Cambodia


I’m always a fan of great architectures and as adventurous as i am, i suddenly became so ecstatic that finally i can be a Tomb Raider for once. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Planning occurs when i’m browsing the Cebu Pacific Website and thinking where to travel next. Then i saw Vietnam and realized that yeah, i haven’t gone to that part of Asia yet. And luckily, it’s seat sale time, so i talked to my companion if he wanted to go with me and upon saying yes, i immediately booked a round trip tickets to Ho Chih Min City, Vietnam.

My first plan is to cover HCM city only, then through browsing some blogs and forums, i decided to include Cambodia, Siem Reap in particular. A neighboring country of Vietnam. The mystic aura of Siem Reap temples is the one that triggers me to redo our itinerary. Another plus factor might be for the fact that it was also Tomb Raider’s filming location. At least i’ll get to step on the land in which Angelina Jolie once step upon. :mrgreen:

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South Korea

South Korea in Autumn


Here are the Links of My South Korea Adventure

South Korea Visa Guide (For Filipinos)

South Korea: Day 1  Arrival, Fountains and My Girl

South Korea: Day 2 Seoul City Tour

South Korea: Day 3 Gangwon-do Province and Winter Sonata

South Korea: Day 4 Gangnam

South Korea: Day 5 Everland Gyeonggi-do Province

South Korea: Day 6 Mt. Seoraksan

South Korea: Day 7  DMZ Tour (One Way To North Korea)

South Korea: Day 8 Korean Folk Village and Shopping

South Korea: Day 9 Full House

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand in 9 days

*Prices are subject to change so pls visit their websites.

This itinerary was made at the last quarter of 2008. The year, i made an amazing race like tour. Absolutely tiring but worth it! I don’t recommend this kind of itinerary, i must admit that it was one of the most exhausting trips i’ve ever made BUT i just want everyone to know that it’s possible and can be done. With a careful planning and research, this trip can be a success. O well… As the saying goes TIME is GOLD… 😄😄😄

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