Boracay island is situated in the province of Aklan, Visayas region of the Philippines. This island is widely popular because of its powdery white sand beaches. The island is consists of

1. White beach (station 1 has the best sand and a bit quiet, Station 2 is the party place, lots of stalls and shops and Station 3 is also quiet and the sand is a bit rough)

2. Bulabog beach is where the kite surfers go, as well as the other activities such as parasailing, helmet diving etc.

3. Puka beach is at the northern part of the island, it’s the secluded part of Boracay and the home of Puka Shells.

Before this, Boracay tops my least favorite place to visit. Probably because i’m not your bummer, party animal beach person… hahaha. But this time, i decided to give it a try. It’s my first time to travel without a concrete itinerary, no city or island hopping tour. No stressful research, just an ordinary carefree vacation. Honestly, I felt excited that finally i can be a trip bummer for once.

Getting here:

1. Get a flight bound to Caticlan Airport. From there, you need to go to Jetty port terminal. Ride a ferry for 15 mins. From the terminal, ride a tricycle to your accommodation.

2. Get a flight bound to Kalibo, get a van transfer to Caticlan. Ride a ferry for 15 mins. From the terminal, ride a tricycle to your accommodation (tricycle at the port terminal usually charges 100 php to white beach, you may save more if you will go outside and wait for a tricycle)

Van transfer – 250 php van + boat. You may opt to get the van for 200 php then boat ride is 25 php

Terminal Fee – 100 php

From Boracay to Kalibo:

Ride a tricycle – 20 php to the port (make sure you hail sa tricycle at the main road to get the cheapest rate)

Terminal Fee – 30 php

Boat + Van – 200 php to Kalibo Airport


My Story

Since i love DIY trips, me and my bf decided to go to the airport via public transportation, just us with our backpacks (to have that backpackers feel and to not hassle other people to drive us to the airport). Our flight to Kalibo is at 3:05 pm via Air Asia Terminal 4. We agreed to meet at Mc Donalds Taft Ave, where the terminal going to Terminal 3 is located.

Getting Here: Ride an MRT, alight at Taft Ave. Station. Walk your way towards your left side after going out of the Station. Your landmark is Mc Donalds. Go inside the terminal and ride the shuttle bus to Terminal 3 / Resorts World for 20 php. From Terminal 3, ride another shuttle to Terminal 4 / Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 for 20 php. The mini bus is located at the near end side of Terminal 3.


Air Asia


> We arrived in Kalibo International Airport at around 4:30 pm. Our flight was delayed for a few minutes due to airport traffic. Nonetheless, the flight should be at roughly 50 minutes.


Kalibo Aiport is just small so you will not have a hard time finding your way out. Outside the premises, we are greeted with a lot of Van transfer company which will take us to Caticlan port, the hub going to Boracay island. Van cost is about 250 php inclusive of a boat ride. You may opt to get a 200 php Van and just pay 25 php at the port.


We arrived in Caticlan at around 6:30 pm. Approximately 2 hrs after our airport arrival. One must proceed to the kiosk to register and pay for the terminal fee and environmental fee for 100 php. After that we proceeded to the boat docking station. The boat ride to Boracay island is a short 10 to 15 minutes ride.

wpid-20140622_183137.jpg wpid-20140622_183118.jpg wpid-20140622_183340.jpg

Upon arrival, we hire a tricycle at the terminal to take us to our resort. The Trike ride is about 100 php. To save, just hail a tricycle around the main road and ask them to drop you at DMall, from there it’s easy to find your way around. The cost is only 20 php per ride.

Our resort is Hey Jude South Beach Resort located near the far end of Station 3. We choose this one because of the reviews from Agoda and Tripadvisor. It’s a relatively new beach front resort operating for about a year. Good thing about it is the proximity of the beach which is just a stone away.

wpid-20140625_113204.jpg wpid-20140625_110151.jpg wpid-20140625_110138.jpg


Location: ☺☺☺

Yes, it’s a beach front resort, but the location is around 15-20 mins walk to Station 2 where the restaurants are located. If you love strolling along the beach after too much partying and drinking then this one is for you.

Cleanliness: 😊😊😊😊

The room is small but clean and new. They have rooms with personal verandas, some have beach front verandas. Standard rooms are located at the 4th floor with a common beach front balcony.

Breakfast: 😊😊😊

Has a very limited breakfast menu

Menu 1: American Breakfast (a choice of ham and bacon, scrambled or sunny side up eggs and fruit juices. This one is inclusive of 3 toasts and a butter / fruit jam).


Menu 2: Filipino Breakfast (a choice of tapa, longganisa, tocino, hotdogs then scrambled or sunny side up eggs and fruit juices. Inclusive of 1 cup plain rice).


> After checking-in, we decided to just stroll along the main road and have dinner.

-The Main Road


-Road to the D Mall (an area where the restaurants and shops are)


-D Mall at night


Our first night was spend strolling along the beach From Station 3 to 1. Goofing around and eating.

-Bora at Night

wpid-20140622_204414.jpg wpid-20140622_2200560.jpg

-Yummy desserts from Red Bean

Mango ice cream with real fruits and caramel peanuts toppings / Vanilla ice cream with fruit cocktail and caramel peanuts toppings


-First Morning in paradise


wpid-20140623_083936.jpg wpid-20140623_112908.jpg

-Lunch at 888 Restaurant, specializing in Chinese and Filipino cuisine. Location: D Mall

wpid-20140623_1349140.jpg wpid-20140623_134902.jpg

-Dinner at Subway


-Ending the night with Reggae Music and Fire Dancers at Boracay Uptown

wpid-20140623_214937.jpg wpid-20140623_223144.jpg

Day 3

-Lunch at Smoke Restaurant D Mall

wpid-20140624_130930.jpg wpid-20140624_131326.jpg

-Goofing around

wpid-20140624_134632.jpg wpid-20140624_173134.jpg

-Mango Shake


-Snacks at Real Coffee and Another Mango Shake from One Bar

wpid-20140624_175717.jpg wpid-20140624_180227.jpg

-Real Coffee’s famous Calamansi Muffin (favorited by Famous Filipino celebrity Anne Curtis)


-Delicious Mango Shake in Tetra Pack


-Last Sunset in Boracay… Beautiful and Unforgettable


wpid-20140624_182410.jpg wpid-20140624_182404.jpg

-Dinner at Backyard BBQ D Mall

wpid-20140624_195431.jpg wpid-20140624_200352.jpg

-Ending our last Night in Boracay at Pat’s Creek and Reggae Bar. Beautiful Acoustic and Reggae Music


Day 4

-Goodbye Boracay


After checking-out, we ride a tricycle along the main road for 20 php towards the Port. You need to pay an additional Terminal Fee (whatttt???) for 30 php. Arranged a van transport to Kalibo for 200 php inclusive of the boat ride.


We arrived in Kalibo International Airport at around 2pm. Since our flight back to Manila is at 9:05 pm, we decided to spend our time more and went to Sampaguita Garden.

Sampaguita Garden is located in New Washington near the airport. It’s also the retirement resort of Precious Moments founder Sam Butcher. Precious Moments is famous for it’s teary drop eyes and those angelic faces dolls.

Getting here: Hire a tricycle for 200 php, it’s the orange one located at the airport. To save, simply walk your way towards the main road, and hail a tricycle, it will only cost you 100 php. Anyway its a 15-20 mins drive.

wpid-20140625_141329.jpg wpid-20140625_141806.jpg wpid-20140625_141858.jpg

Jojo’s Christmas Cottage: Everyday is Christmas

wpid-20140625_142542.jpg wpid-20140625_142331.jpg

wpid-20140625_142742.jpg wpid-20140625_144214.jpg

My cutie Mini Me i bought as a souvenir


Beautiful Murals painted on the wall


The Chapel

wpid-20140625_163338.jpg wpid-20140625_163623.jpg

Serenity facing the ocean


Goodbye Kalibo… See you soon!



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