South Korea: Day 9 Full House


Updated 2014: Full House has been demolished last year 😢😞😞😞  READ THIS

DAY 9 (Full House & Incheon)

    • (Full House, Hanbok, Incheon International Airport)

My last day in Seoul. We decided to changed our hotel cause our flight is too early the next morning.

6:00 AM – Breakfast (6500 won)

6:30 AM – Check-out

7:00 AM – Bus # 6002 towards Incheon International Airport – 10,000 won

8:30 AM – Incheon International Airport

    • GLOBAL GUEST HOUSE – 801, u-2850 IBC Daewoo Theoville, Unseo-dong Jung-gu, Incheon Airport

Tel no. +82327430253


    • Hotel Transfer: Go to # 10 gate on the 3rd Floor & Cross the Street
    • Airport Shuttle: Go to # 3 or # 12 Gate on the 3rd floor and alight at the 2nd bus station
    • Leave luggages and head back at Incheon International Airport

9:30 AM – Buy Lunch & Go to FULLHOUSE

    • Incheon International Airport to Unseo station = 900 won
    • Cross the street towards Lotte Mart (bus stop is infront at the opposite side of the road, not on the Lotte Mart side)
    • Take bus # 710 or 201 towards SAMMOK wharf (last stop) = 1000 won
    • Take Ferry to Shindo island (every 1 hr. interval) = Roundtrip 3600 won
  • FULL HOUSE  is another famous korean drama featuring 2 korean superstars, Rain and Song Hye Kyo. Its a story of Han Ji Eun meeting a korean star Young Jae played by Rain. Full House was named by Ji Eun’s father and was accidentally sold to Young Jae. In the course of getting back her house, she decided to be Young Jae’s personal maid. Circumtances brought them together and some situations made them to have a contract marriage. So the story progresses. The cast’s undeniable chemistry is what made this series extremely popular.

Again, another favorite, i won’t let my South Korea tour go without passing at South Korea’s most famous Glass house. Located at Shindo island, coming here is a bit of a challenge. When we arrived at Sammock Wharf, we’re a bit lost, coz the schedule posted at the wharf is all in hangul. I then realized that we’re doom! We’re so confused coz everybody in there doesn’t know a single english. Luckily somebody helped us by giving hand gestures! Lol. The ferry goes to another island beside Shindo, so stay alert and listen carefully.

DSC_0248 DSC_0257

DSC_0247 DSC_0246


    • Take local blue bus infront of the Sammok dock (every 1 hr. interval). Tell the driver FULLHOUSE = 1000 won

In our case, we didn’t wait for the bus, since we wanted to save time. Unfortunately going there requires a very very very long walk.

  • Walk 20 to 30 mins towards FULL HOUSE (follow the signs) – Entrance= 5000 won

So how did we manage to get to a new place with no english translation street signs? First, we did our research and took a photo of the map posted at the terminal. With some photos in my hand and knowing Full House’s translation in Hangul, we started to move forward.

The Road To Full House

DSC_0250 DSC_0260 (2)

DSC_0259 DSC_0261 (2)

DSC_0266 DSC_0265

DSC_0269 (2) DSC_0267

DSC_0268 DSC_0270 (2)

12:00 PM – Lunch (6500 won)

*There’s an entrance fee before you enter, you need to pay that at the booth located beside the house.

Full House 

DSC_0276 DSC_0277

DSC_0272 DSC_0271

Han Ji Eun’s bicycle

DSC_0278 DSC_0280


Inside the House

DSC_0301 DSC_0302 DSC_0304 DSC_0303 (2) DSC_0313

DSC_0314 (2) DSC_0324


2:00 PM or 3:00 PM – Walk towards bus stop (20 to 30 mins)

    • Take bus to the Sammok dock = 1000 won
    • Take Ferry (last ferry 6 PM)

Last Korean Sunset

DSC_0356 DSC_0355

    • Take bus # 710 or 201 to Unseo station (infront of Lotte Mart) = 1000 won

4:00 PM – Unseo Station to Incheon International Airport

    • Explore the Airport
    • Hanbok (traditional costumes) Try-out at Traditional Korean Cultural Experience Zone near one of the gates (West Wing, Gate 31)

6:30 PM – Dinner (6500 won)

    • Airport Shuttle bus to Global Guesthouse


I love Korea and if time permits, i’d love go back! O well definitely I WILL!


2 thoughts on “South Korea: Day 9 Full House

    • Yes! It’s confirmed. Unfortunately, it was demolished last year. It was destroyed by a typhoon and they decided to torn it down instead. 😦 luckily, i saw it just before the demolition.

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