South Korea: Day 7 DMZ Tour (One Way to North Korea)


DAY 7 (DMZ Tour / Trick Museum / Namdaemun Market / Myeongdong)

6:00 AM – 8:00 AM – Breakfast = 6500 won

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

In order to do DMZ or Demilitarized Zone, one must first book a tour from the many tour agencies in Seoul. It’s a regulated tour and one must behave accordingly. A bit dangerous since you’ll be at the border of North and South Korea.

Location: Transit tour between exit 8 & 9 on the 1st floor, Incheon International Airport

Email: /

(Hotel pick up -> Imjingak Park -> The Bridge of Freedom -> The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel -> DMZ Theater/Exhibition Hall -> Dora Observatory -> Dorasan Station -> Unification Village (pass by) -> Amethyst/Ginseng Center -> Arrive at City Hall/Itaewon)


Imjingak Park


The Bridge of Freedom (the names of the people who died in the war)

DSC_0864 DSC_0851

DSC_0840 DSC_0859


3rd Infiltration Tunnel – is one of the tunnels found by the South Koreans. This was made secretly by North Koreans in order for them to penetrate the country. The tunnel is quite long, you’ll be given a helmet to avoid any head injuries. Relatively safe but its quite a long walk. No cameras are allowed inside.

Dorasan Station – The last station in South Korea, its the only way to North Korea.


Unification Village – inside, there’s an observation deck wherein you can see for yourself the land of North Korea. But be aware of your steps, there are demarkation lines that you must follow when taking photos, once you step on that line, the military on deck will immediately confiscate your camera.


Note: You need to bring your passport during this trip

2:00 PM – Lunch = 6500 won at City Hall

3:00 PM – Myeongdong Cathedral – City Hall to Myeongdong subway station Line 4 exit 8. Walk along Toegyero-gil st. for 300m and turn right at the intersection. Walk along Myeongdong-gil st. for 100m to the Church.

Alternately, take subway to Euljiro ipgu station line 2 exit 5. Turn right and walk along Myeongdong-gil st. Then turn left going to the church.


5:00 PM – Trick Eye Museum – Its a 3d art gallery, consists of life-size paintings.


Entrance: 15000 won

To get here: Take subway to Hongik University exit 9.

Map from the website:

I wish this was Real! A truck full of money… hmmm…

DSC_0962 DSC_0919

Me and my friend had a great time taking our photos, probably done it to every painting this museum had to offer. Lol. Well, eventually at the last part, we grew tired of posing for the cameras. Hahaha.

7:00 PM – Namdaemun Market (cheaper goods than Dongdaemun)

    •  Hongik University to Hoehyeon Station

(Hongik University line 2 to City Hall, then transfer to line 1 to Seoul Station, then transfer to line 4 towards Hoehyeon Station (NAMDAEMUN) = 900 won

    • Dinner – 6500 won

9:00 PM – Namdaemun (Hoehyeon Station to Cheongnyangni

    • Hoehyeon Station line 4 to Seoul Station, then transfer to line 1 to Cheongnyangni) = 900 won

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