South Korea: Day 2 Seoul City Tour


DAY 2 (Seoul City Bus Tour (Palaces / War Museum / Mt. Namsan Tour / N Seoul Tower etc.) / Dongdaemun)

    • Look-out : Jewel in the palace, Untold Scandal, Boys Over Flowers filming locations, Lovers in Paris fountain in front of Namsan Botanical Garden near Hyatt Hotel

6:00 AM – 8:00 AM = BREAKFAST – 6500 won

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM = Seoul City Bus Tour


*You can opt to do your own DIY trip via subway to avoid traffic.

    • Take Seoul Tour Bus City Circulation Course – (Day Pass – 10,000 won)

(Cheongnyangni line 1 to Jongno 3 (sam) ga then transfer to line 5 to Gwanghwamun Station line 5 (Exit #6) Infront of Donghwa Duty free shop) – 900 won

Changgyeonggung Palace – 1000 won


Getting here via subway: Hyehwa Station Line 4 exit 3

Go 20m and then turn left at Seoul Jongno pharmacy. Go 180m and then turn left at Jeongmin Onnuri pharmacy. Go 200m and then turn left. Go 60m and then cross the road to arrive at the palace

Changdeokgung Palace / BIWON garden3000 won

Getting here via subway: Jongno 3 (Sam)-ga Station Line 1,3 or 5 exit 6 . Go straight along Donhwamun-ro st. for 10 Mins.

Anguk Station Line 3 exit 3. Go straight for 5 Mins.9

Gyeongbok Palace3000 won

DSC_0204 DSC_0210 (2)

DSC_0176 DSC_0178

Getting here via subway: Gyeongbokgung Station Line 3 exit 5

Unhyeon Palace700 won 

Deoksugung Palace1000 won

Getting here via subway: City Hall Station Line 1 , 2 exit 2

DSC_0699 DSC_0714

DSC_0717 DSC_0718


National Museum Of KoreaFree

War Museum3000 won

Itaewon – for antiques (accessible via subway)

Myeongdong – This is the shopping district of Seoul. From high-end brands to bazaars, almost anything can be found here. This area is also the cosmetics district of Seoul. As we all know, South Korea is known for its numerous cosmetic brands, as well as fashionable clothing lines.

    • LUNCH (6500 won)

1:00 PM – Namsangol Korean Town / House of Korea

Another tourist destination featuring a small Korean Village, authentic old houses and traditional cultures. You can also try wearing hanbok (traditional Korean costumes) for photo op.

Getting here via subway: Chungmuro Station Line 3 & 4 exit 4. Walk along Hanongmaeul-gil St. for 5 mins.

N Seoul Tower


Getting here via subway: To reach the boarding place, walk for 10-15 mins following the street on the right side of the Pacific hotel, after coming out of Myeongdong station Line 4 exit 3. Take the cable car.

DSC_0727 DSC_0751

    • Padlocks (N Seoul Tower annex building)
  • This is where the lovers lock their love for each other. Another romantic place in Seoul.

DSC_0766 DSC_0760

    • Digital Observatory (F3, Observatory (T3) – 8000 won

DSC_0833 DSC_0828

DSC_0829 DSC_0832

    • Teddy Bear Museum (Basement level, N Seoul Tower (P0 floor) – 8000 won
  • I admit, i’m not a fan of museums, probably because they are immobilized and i find it a bit boring. But this museum is an exception. It brings out that little kid inside me. One of my fav, i felt that all my childhood memories came to life. It features hundreds of cute teddy bears dressed in different themes.

(package observatory & teddy bear – 12,000 won)

DSC_0786 DSC_0783

DSC_0791 DSC_0776

Hyatt Hotel (Namsan Botanical Garden / Lover’s In Paris fountain)


Course: Hangangjin Station (exit #1) Bogwang Reservoir Walking Trail Sowolgil Road Pedestrian bridge in front of Hyatt Hotel Wild Flower Park, Paldo Pine Tree Groves, Arboretum Subokcheon Spring Walking Trail South Circular Road South Photo Island Gamnocheon Spring Walking Trail Jangchung Sports Association three-way intersection North Circular Road

Dongdaemun Market – You can find reasonably priced clothes and other items. Souvenir shops can also be found here. Accessible via Subway, Dongdaemun Station.

*If with time – CHILDREN’s GRAND PARK

    • (w/ Seoul City Tour Bus): Gwanghwamun line 5 to Gunja then transfer line 7 towards Childrens Grand Park) – 1000 won
    • Or Dongdaemun Station line 4 towards Nowon then transfer to line 7 towards Childrens Grand Park = 900 won


    • Children’s Grand Park line 7 to Olympic Park – 900 won

(Children’s Grand Park to Gunja then transfer to line 5 to Gangdong then transfer to Olympic park line)

6:00 PM – DINNER (6500 won)

    • Olympic Park to Cheongnyangni1000 won

(Olympic Park line 5 to Gangdong then transfer. Go towards Jongno 3 (sam) ga, then transfer to line 1 to Cheongnyangni exit 5 to hotel)


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