Booking a Flight: Seat Sale Edition

Booking A Flight

Since i was a budget traveler, i really don’t mind booking a flight to a budget airline. I often book a flight at Cebu Pacific Air:

Others are:

Tiger Air:

Air Asia:

Philippine Airlines:



 Tips: In order to grab the coveted seat sale, these are the things you must bear in mind

1. The flexibility of your travel dates. Sales are usually months ahead. So plan first.

ex: if you want to experience Autumn in South Korea, Japan or China, your travel dates should be last week of October or Early November. My South Korea Autumn Trip before was booked sometime in February, and got 7500 php for a roundtrip ticket.

2. Seat sales often starts at 12 AM. So be a Vampire to save more! 🙂

3. Often during the start of a national Holiday

4. Prepare your credit cards and the fastest internet connection, cause often times booking during a seat sale can be a pain in the ass. Traffic is not only in the streets but also in the web.

5. If you don’t have a credit card, you can still book online and just pay at the bank the next day. So you should have that cash on the go. Or simply grab that telephone and call their agents.


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